Alcohol Abuse

Where Can I Get Information On Maori Drug And Alcohol Abuse?

I’m having trouble finding information for a comparitive studies of indigenous peoples essay, i need good information on drug and alcohol abuse within the Maori of New Zealand population. Any help?

What Is A Drug Abuse? This diagram depicts the correlations among

What Are Some Of The Things Companies Are Doing About Employees Suffering From Drug Or Alcohol Abuse?

What are some of the things companies are doing about employees suffering from drug or alcohol abuse? What approaches do these companies take and what programs do they offer? Can you recommend a reasonable policy?

To answer your query, there’s a

What Are The Effects On The Community By Drug And Alcohol Abuse?

Consider the ways that alcohol and other drug abuse affect the people living in a community.

To answer your query, at first thought, a community isn’t directly affected if you’re a heavy drinker because it is your life that you’re damaging and not theirs. Believe it or not, people around you are affected if you are drinking excessively because other people might also resort to drinking to drown their depression. And some people can really feel sad if they can see that you’re hurting yourself. You also have

What Is The Difference Between Heavy Alcohol Abuse And Heroin Abuse?

Is alcohol in ways similar to heroin and how is rehabilitation different from either of these forms of substance abuse?

Thanks for your answers! To answer your query, it is similar in the sense that both are addictive. Alcohol is a downer

How Can You Differentiate Between Alcoholism And Alcohol Abuse?

What are signs of your drinking pattern/lifestyle that can distinguish between alcoholism and alcohol abuse? I know that many of the signs must be the same but maybe there are particular cues. I’d prefer not the typical “drinking lecture,” but