How does desensitization therapy and allergy shots work for people with allergies?

I have allergies all year round! Now allergy shots…the goal is to give gradual exposure so that the body can "get use to it" and become desensitized. It's supposed to make the body react less to the allergens.

Why are some people more affected by allergies than others?

So today, my allergies finally hit me. My eyes itch and are watering like crazy. However, none of my friends are experiencing it as bad as I am. Also, some of my friends don’t feel affected at all. Why do

How do I combat allergies due to tree pollen?

What is the best way to fight allergies due to tree pollen?….Both medically and naturally.

How can food allergies be so life-threatening that one goes to the ER? Why not minor aches and pain?

Why can’t people with food allergies suffer minor aches and pains? Instead, they suffer serious and severe pain to a point that one needs to go to emergency room. It can be so deadly that possible death can occur. Why

What do you do when your allergies are really bad?

Any home remedies for allergies? What do you do when you feel like crap because of allergies? To answer your query, there are lots of home remedies for allergies. We are fortunate because most natural cure for allergies can already be found

What are the common causes of allergies in southeast Kansas this time of year?

My granddaughter is having a hard time with her allergies and asthma like reactions. Also she gets a rash (or redden of her face and hand/arms if her sleeves are short.) whenever she goes out in her backyard

Is it possible to eliminate cat allergies?

I have been allergic to cats and horses for the past 5 years or so. I used to own a cat, and I also used to horse back ride regularly. I have always LOVED animals, and this is very heartbreaking

7 Natural Remedies for Allergy Relief | Wellness Mama

I take Allegra, but sometime it just isn’t good enough. I do live in Texas and that might be part of my problem. I think everyone here has allergies. Anyway, do you have any advice for me? To answer your query,

How long before allergies start should you start taking your med’s?

I have been prescribed allegra and I am wondering if you have to start taking it before your allergies start? To answer your query, you should start taking medication or you should start treating yourself once that you have seen your allergy

How do I reduce the reactions I get from allergies?

I have pretty bad allergies to ragweed and it really effects my throat, nose, and eyes. Does anyone have any good techniques reducing the reactions I get? Also, how can I keep my eyes from getting red and itchy do to allergies? (I

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