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I live in Northern New Jersey, and last year was when I first learned that I had outdoor allergies. I am experiencing red eyes and a runny nose, and I’m sick of it. I have to go outside a lot

How do people like me deal with life threatening allergies?

My body seems like having an allergy attack is a daily thing now. I’ve gotten so used to having hives daily it’s like if I forget to take my allergy meds then I will break out in the middle of

How can I tell if I have environmental allergies or just a simpy cold?

My nose is stuffy, my nose is running, I’m sneezing a bit, my eyes are sometimes watery…  And I don’t want to go to the doctor for, if it turns out to be, a cold. Also, I have environment allergies in the

Cat Allergies Cure, Understand It Today

My cat has allergies year round and her nose drips non-stop all year unless she is sleeping. What can I give to help her get some nasal relief? To answer your query, it’s really melancholic and depressing to see your furry

What do I do about my horrible seasonal allergies?

I have seasonal allergies to tree and grass pollen and ragweed, and they’ve been really bad this year. I almost always have a sinus headache, and my nose is constantly stuffy and my throat is sometimes sore. I take an

Hamsters Allergies Cure: Understand It Today

I love hamsters since I was small but as a child my allergies were horrible so my mom stop with the pets but now that I’m much much older I decided to get one and my allergies are less and more

Pet Allergies Don’t Mean No Pets Article | ProSense

For the last few days my six month old small dog (shitzu x chihuahua with dominant characteristics of a tibetan terrier) has had runny eyes and occasional sneezing. I’m not a dog expert, but I think he may have allergies.

People with allergies or environmental sensitivities: How do you manage?

My allergies are peanuts, nuts, soy, latex, and other seeds and fruits. I am sensitive to toxins/chemicals in the air such as off-gassing from new rugs. Wondering if there is anyone who deals with something like this, and how would

Horse Allergies, Understand Them Today

I went and bought a miniature stallion to use as a breeding stock but yesterday we found out that he had allergies. Now we’re unsure if we should use him for breeding. Because we’re afraid that it will be inherited

Allergies or Cold? Understand Health Better

A friend told me I might be allergic to my Christmas tree, but when I left to visit my family my throat continued to hurt and the hoarseness in my voice remained. My sister has an artificial tree. There is