Seasonal allergies: Best Medicine

I have seasonal allergies and this year they seam particularly bad. Nothing that i have tried has worked so far. If there are any suggestions I would be most thankful. To answer your query, there are different remedies for allergies that

Cat Allergies, Cure Them Today

I want to understand cat allergies. I just recently got two kittens. I have had them for about a week already and my allergies aren’t getting any better. I am very allergic to animal hair ( I pretty much get

Medicine For Allergies Breakouts

I have fits with my head, face, and/or body breaking out when my allergies mess with me. Normally I am a really good looking guy, but when this happens it makes me insecure as shit. To answer your query, it is

Understand Allergies Better

I have been sneezing a ton and my eyes are watery i don’t have a cough and nothing hurts such as throat is this allergies? To answer your query, it can be allergies or it can be not. You might spend a

Eye Allergies Remedy, Know Better

Can allergies which irritate the eyes ever lead to a stye? If so, will they always progress to a bacterial ( staph ) infection, or can I possibly have some success with clearing this up with warm compresses before it gets

Eye Allergies Treatment

How to cover dark circles caused by allergies? I’ve recently been told my dark under eye circles are from allergies. I cannot spend 95.00 for a tube of eye creme to minimize these circles. Can someone recommend a good concealer from

Forrest Fire Allergies, The Cure

There is some major forest fires here in Southern California, and it is making me feel incredibly sick (allergies). I have taken some prescription Allegra, but I still feel very badly. Is there anything else that might help? My lungs

Cat Allergies Medication, Know Better

Can anyone recommend a good medication to take to treat cat allergies? I have been allergic to cats all my life. I also have other allergies. Every allergy medication i have tried works for all of my allergies except for the

Allergies Free Carpet For A Happier Life

My husband has mild allergies. We have two young children so I opt for carpet in areas where it is possible. Are there certain types of carpet that are best for someone with allergies? To answer your query, natural wool fiber

Cat Allergy Cure, Learn It Today

I have a kitten about 4 months old. She was diagnosed with an upper-respiratory infection and I gave her the required medicines to cure it. She still has a stuffy nose and sneezes. I believe she has allergies. I’ve read