Cat Allergies, A Better Understanding

I have mild cat allergies and a friend told me about a simple solution that didn’t involve medication. I forgot what it was though. Does anyone have any natural remedies to allergies? To answer your query, there are natural remedies for

Allergies Pills, Know Them Better

I have severely bad allergies. I currently take Allegra 180mg but I still get symptoms. Allergens: Most grasses, trees, cats, ragweed. I take shots for my allergies every 3 weeks currently. And if my allergies are irritated enough, I tend to go into something

Allergies And Common Cold

I know this question sounds stupid but when I tell people I have a cold I always hear “It could be allergies.” I know the cold is the rhinovirus and an allergy is not a virus. My question is, are

Allergies And Sinus Infections

I just had sinus surgery but I still continue to get recurring sinus infections. I rarely get any allergy symptoms. I don’t get ichy eyes, running nose, or sneezing. I don’t know if the doctor just didn’t do the operation right or

Allergies Treatment For Busy People

Any information will do. The best medications (ones that don’t cause drowsiness or dry throat but clear up mucus), food tips, products, exercises, anything. I am a lead in a theater production but have pollen/dust allergies that constantly affect both

Pollen Allergies, Have A Better Understanding

Well, I don’t know if I still am but every Spring I got my allergies. Mid-way through Spring, I stopped taking my medicine and I was just fine. But that same day, my sister, who was not allergic to anything,

Pollen Allergies, Comprehend Better

Last year my spring allergies started pretty much the first day of the season (Northern NJ, bad place for tree pollen). This year, they barely started in mid April at the beginning of the season and stayed pretty low key

Allergies And High Blood Pressure

I know there are tons of allergy medications, however, my mom has high blood pressure so she is restricted to most medications for allergies. Any suggestions? To answer your query, your mom might be in advanced age already so everything that

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