How do copper bracelets work for arthritis, and does your skin absorb the copper?

A friend is wearing a copper bracelet, which he says helps his arthritis. I think this is fine, but I wonder how much copper his skin is absorbing, and is there a toxic effect in the long term? It turns

Cat Arthritis Medicine

What can I give to my cats that would be safe for arthritis? It seems with the change of weather and some of the cats ages they have developed arthritis. It has been said that aspirin is helpful but what about

Ankle Arthritis, Understand It Better

What can be done to ease arthritis in the ankle? My partner broke his ankle a number of years ago, he has just been told he has arthritis in this joint which is causing him pain. The doctor has given

Arthritis Job Possibilities

What kind of job would suit a person with a disability like arthritis? My Dad is settled in USA, and he suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis. Can anyone suggest me a job which he can take up, which he can do, without

Can exercise relieve the symptoms of arthritis?

I constantly have cracking in my neck, back, and knees. Over the years it has gotten worse. I do not exercise enough, and I have heard that excessive exercise cures arthritis, is this true?

What type of flower essence or oil should I take for arthritis pain?

What type of flower essence or oil should I take for excruciating arthritis pain and where to get it? If you also know how to take it if applied on the skin or ingestion. Thanks I need specific details please, where

Does rheumatoid arthritis always cause visible swelling in the fingers?

I've heard that rheumatoid arthritis almost always starts in the fingers and causing visible swelling and redness. In terms of fingers, is it possible for a person with RA to just have stiffness and pain in the fingers with little

What are ways I can help my parent's Golden with Arthritis?

She limps from time to time, and she takes medication for her Arthritis. Right now she is having her leg iced, but I was wondering if there is anything else I can do to make things easier on her. She's

What type of food and drinks make the pain from arthritis better or worse?

I am 16 years old with arthritis and just asking if anyone knows what could help me or be bad for me.

How can I relieve my guinea pig of pain from arthritis?

My guinea pig chocolate is very old, and has really bad arthritis in her feet/ankle joints. This is what the vet told me a couple months ago, when she started to drag her feet and not walk properly. She never

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