Diabetes Mellitus

5 Interesting Type 2 Diabetes Statistics I Bet You Never Knew About

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus is a condition which is being characterized by having high blood sugar through insulin resistance and lack of insulin in one’s body. Polyuria, polyphagia and polydipsia are the three major symptoms that this disorder creates. Who

Fear Not If You Use Diabetic Food List the Right Way!

Diabetes is a condition where the body’s pancreas fails to produce enough insulin or when the produced insulin of the body does not function efficiently and effectively. Insulin is the hormone that helps in regulating sugar in the body by

Fast and Easy Diabetic Meal Plan

A diabetic meal plan is an important key in living a happier and healthier life despite having diabetes. Diabetic meal plans are designed to help you keep track of your calorie and sugar intake so you can easily keep an

Diabetes Symptoms (Your ULTIMATE Guide)

In year 2030, the World Health Organization projects that diabetes will be the 7th leading cause of death in the world. In fact, in 2012 alone, it is estimated that 1.5 million people died because of diabetes. With the increasing

Effective Strategies for Diabetes Low Blood Sugar

Hypoglycemia Diabetes low blood sugar levels can be considered as a dangerous condition. This type of disorder is called hypoglycemia. Persons who have diabetes and those who take medication are usually the target of this disorder. Taking too much medication may cause

How to Lower Glucose Levels – Different Ways for Different Needs

Glucose levels change throughout the day. It is measured using mg/dL. The blood glucose level depends upon what you eat, when you ate it, and how much you’ve eaten. It also varies whenever you have exercised or not. How to

Why is it recommended that people prone to hypoglycemia avoid Valerian Root?

While doing research on Valerian Root I've found that most sites recommend against its use if you're prone to hypoglycemia… but I can't find any explanation as to why. Valerian Root is supposed to act as a mild sedative

Diabetes Mood Swings

Diabetic With Mood Swings. My husband has diabetes type 1 and when his blood sugar is too low or way too high he gets angry even at stupid little things. He ends up complaining a lot and blaming me for things

Pituitary Diabetes Insipidus Symptoms

Why should a person who has pituitary diabetes insipidus and does not feel unreasonably inconvenienced by the symptoms take treatment? Know first what is Diabetes Insipidus  and its symptoms below. Diabetes insipidus Diabetes insipidus (DI) is a condition characterized by excessive thirst and

Diabetes Symptoms, Understand Better

I feel tired all the time, keep bladder infections not that bad though. i have itchy skin and tingly feeling in my hands and dizzy feeling, and in the mornings i wake up cold feeling when it isn’t cold, is