What Does It Mean When An Eyedoctor Checks Hyropia And Hypertension On The Diagnosis Sheet?

I read on the internet this may be the beginning of glaucoma. Is this true? no the doctor didn’t give me a glaucoma test. I was just wondering if I might have something to worry about in the future.

Why Does Hyperopia

What Prescription Drugs Does Mccain Take For His Dementia,Hypertension And Overal Bad Health?

How can anyone vote for a sick person? He may be honest and have lots of integrity. But his health and mind are not fully there.

Btw. I am a registered Republican but will be voting for Obama mainly because of

What’s The Difference Between High Blood Pressure And Hypertension?

When your blood pressure stays high for a long time, you have hypertension. A number of factors can contribute to this: smoking, drinking too much, obesity and high salt intake can cause trouble. Another factor is heredity: you may simply

Is It Possible To Still Have Hypertension 6mos After Pre-eclampsia?

My baby was induced 2 months early because of scary blood pressures. 6 months later and I am still fairly heavily medicated for the hypertension. Is this unusual? Any ideas how to get my blood pressure under control? I have lost

What Are Some Things That Could Be Causing Hypertension/High Blood Pressure?

I am curious if anyone knows what kinds of things can cause high blood pressure, even temporary. I’ve heard of sleep deprivation causing it, but it doesnt seem like not getting enough sleep could cause you to have a real

Atherosclerosis In The Extremities And Hypertension?

I just wondered if atherosclerosis in the extremities (arms/legs) also has hypertension as a symptom. I know this is one clue to cardio-athersclerosis, but is this true of cases in the arms/legs and blockages leading to strokes?

            How Does Atherosclerosis Affect

Is Paracetamol And Mucolytic Recommended For Person With Hypertension?

My mom got cough and colds lately.. And slight fever too.. What is recommended for her? She’s got hypertension? What antipyretics is good for her and mucolytic for her cough? is it safe to use with someone with hypertension?

          Can Medications

When Is It Ok To Come Off Of Hypertension Medication?

I didn’t have issues with high blood pressure until I got married or gained 65 lbs. Im not sure which is causing it because it varies from day to day. Ive lost about 70 lbs and im starting to get

What Are The Side Effects Following Esophageal Banding Of The Varices Due To Portal Hypertension?

My husband had the procedure done a week ago. He can’t hardly eat or drink w/out feeling pain in his chest and feeling like he has indigestion or something stuck in his esophagus.

          What Is Banding Of Esophageal Varices? Endoscopic therapy is

How Do You Know If You Are Taking Too Many Antihypertensives To Treat Your Hypertension?

Also do hot weather make your blood pressure lower? I am only 26 and without meds its above 150/110 and with meds its great -I just wanted to know how low is too low. Too Many Antihypertensives To Treat Your Hypertension