What Might Happen If A Patient Takes Too Much Hypertension Medication?

Out of curiosity, if a patient is taking a blood thinner in order to lower their blood pressure, what might occur if too much was taken? Nothing extreme, but say three or four times the recommended dose?           What Are The Side

Is Atenenol Safe For Hypertension Patients With Low Heart Rate?

I am 47 yrs T2 diabetic for the last 12 years, I was prescribed aten25mg to control hypertension(160/110). My average heart beat is 72 bpm.           What Is The Relationship Between Heart Rate And Blood Pressure? Optimal blood pressure typically is defined as

Who Was The First Person To Discover Hypertension?

The First Person To Discover Hypertension or group of people and what year? i keep trying to find the information but it doesn’t show up?           Who Discovered The Blood Pressure? This image shows a Riva-Rocci sphygmomanometer with cuff used by Korotkoff, who

How Can I Get Checked For Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) Without Seeing A Doctor?

I looked up in a book what kind of headache I’ve been experiencing based on the symptoms, and it looks like a hypertension headache. It didn’t even sound like any other headache listed. I understand this means high blood pressure,

What Can A Diabetic With Hypertension Take For A Cold?

My mom has a very bad cough & hasn’t slept in days. She does not have medical insurance so will not go to the doctor. Any suggestions?           What Kind Of Decongestant Can I Take With High Blood Pressure? Instead: Choose a cold

What Are The Symptoms Of Hypertension And How Can It Be Prevented?

What are the risks of being hypertensive for having heart problem? If your blood pressure is extremely high, there may be certain symptoms to look out for including: Severe headache,Fatigue or confusion, Vision problems, Chest pain, Difficulty breathing, Irregular heartbeat,Blood in

Who Is Taking Atenolol For Hypertension And Have You Experienced Any Side Effects?

I find my feet are cold and sometimes my fingers. Has anyone experienced any other problems? The One you are experiencing is the Side effect of Atenolol, an antihypertensive medication.           Here are  Common Side Effects of Atenolol:

Constipation, indigestion. Dizziness or faintness. Dry mouth. Impotence. Cold

What’s A Good Thesis Statement For The Topic, What Is Hypertension And How Does It Affect The Black Community?

I’m  in a speech class, and I am so confused, my topic is What is hypertension and how does it affect the Black Community? Could someone help me with a good thesis statement.Please. Hypertension can affect the black community because if

I Am A 29 Year Old Female Living In Il Looking For Health Insurance. I Have A History Of Hypertension?

I am a 29 year old female living in Il looking for health insurance. I have a history of hypertension, now under control, and can’t seem to get approved by an insurance provider. My cobra from my previous job is

what Are The Long Term Effects Of Pulmonary Hypertension? Health Care Providers Only?

My mom has just been diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. I’m a nurse and i have never heard of this disorder. I’ve been looking for it in my nursing books and have found nothing. I’ve tried searching the internet and found

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