is there a relation between masturbation and hypertension?

i used to masturbate 6 years ago, and i'm suffering from hypertension . i'm 22 years old.

Is Hypertension a medical disease or is it merely the symptom of another disease?

Hypertension is high blood pressure and what I need is documentation that it can or cannot be a disease on it's own.

Is hypertension caused by st johns wort?

I have been told that st johns wort can be good for mild depression, but Is hypertension caused by st johns wort ? Is it safe to take if you have high blood pressure.

Can Inderal (propanolol Hydrochloride) be used to treat both essential tremor and hypertension?

The doctor has prescribed Inderal 40mg once a day as a medication both for essential tremor and hypertension (for which I was taking another medicine). Does this mean that i will have to take this medication forever or it can

How does alcohol affect hypertension and sexual performance?

After taking alcoholone may lose the good sexual performance, and say if one is'nt diabetic, what could this have resulted from?

What should someone with hypertension do if their blood pressure suddenly becomes too low?

My elderly aunt's blood pressure has become significantly lower than before—it is now 75/66. Should we be concerned? What can be done to increase her blood pressure to a much healthier level?

Can you have Pregnancy induced hypertension if you bp is good?

I am almost 25 weeks and have been going to the drs weekly since 19 weeks due to high blood pressure at 19 weeks. Since 19 weeks though my bp has been great. (today it was 120/78). Today

I need a sample hypertension care plan. Can anyone help me with making one or finding a sample somewhere?

I need to develop a care plan for a patient with hypertension and include teaching self measurement of B/P after discharge. Can anyone help me to write one or find a sample one. Thanks – I really need

The client was admitted to the hospital with hypertension. The development of arteriosclerosis has increased?

peripheral resistance to blood flow, worsening his hypertension. This is an example of what type of feedback loop and why? This is an a&p 1 question. I dont understand it.

Anemia and hypertension usually go along with renal insufficiency. If you are having antihypertensive medicati

Anemia and hypertension usually go along with renal insufficiency. If you are having antihypertensive medication it should be one of the ones that a) protect the kidney and b) prevent/reverse cardiac remodelling. The ACE inhibitors and angiotensin II antagonists have

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