If you are diagnosed with hypertension- does that mean you have that disease forever?

What if you tried really hard and you got your blood pressure in a good range and you got yourself off medications… are you still classified as having hypertension because you had it at one time?

List of foods to eat and activities to do while suffering from mild hypertension?

My mom has a heart beat of 63 and mild hypertension. what foods to help this out? what things to do? exercise?

hypertension q and what is the purpose of the iliac artery?

alsoin hypertension it is said tht when pressure increases in the brain ,damage occurs to the blood vessels and they may rupture.This causes a stroke with bleeding in the brain.what does it mean by the pressure increase in the

I'm going camping but i have hypertension, so what foods should i bring?

I'm going camping but i have hypertension, what are some foods that will last for awhile and not have much sodium? i usually eat salads and small portions of meats. but i noticed that if i leave the salad bag

What can I take for hypertension? I am suffering through Klonopin withdrawal symptoms, and one of these?

symptoms is hypertension— a very painful inner restlessness and agitation and raw, tense nerves that really hurts.

What are the First Level and Second Level Assessment for Hypertension?

What are the First Level Assessment and Second Level Assessment of Hypertension with regards to Family Nursing Problems? Answers ASAP will be greatly appreciated

How do you manage a TypeII diabetic with hypertension and peripheral neuropathy, with no response2Carbamazepi?

The Patient is a 60+ years old lady who was diagnosed to be suffering from Diabetes during a routine clinical examination at a followup session to her otherwise well controlled Hypertension >30years, she had been on Atenolol and Nifedipine. Currently

Any relation to Hypertension with a regular heartbeat of 60 to 70 beats per minute while resting?

I’m thirty years old, and have always had an active lifestyle, I was diagnosed with hypertension earlier this year and I am now under medication. This had never been an issue until now.

What are the side effects of taking hypertension medication?

Can ANY hypertension medication affect: – Communication – Understanding conversation – Anxiety levels – Remembering (please source your answer)

What is hypertension, and do I need to go to the doctor?

I took a test at the store and it Said I have hypertension 1 I know it could be wrong butshould I check it out anyways?

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