What medications can be used for heart failure and hypertension?

55 year old jack has been suffering from hypertension for 10 years. Over the last 3 years he has developed episodes of squeezing and crushing chest pain but subsides with rest. He complains of tiredness, poor effort tolerance, becomes breathless

Is the damage to the organs caused by hypertension offset by a slower heartbeat?

As far as I understand, hypertension is dangerous primarily because of the slow damage to the organs which have to sustain the elevated pressure. But would this damage be smaller if the normal heartbeat was slower than the average?

Is there a link between diabetes and hypertension?

Can anyone tell me if there is a link between diabetes and hypertension?

How many people in the US with hypertension (high blood pressure) also have diabetes?

Also looking for the number of people in the US with hypertension that also have both diabetes and high cholesterol.

How does hypertension affect dental surgery?

I have going to a dental college for evaluation for crowding teeth. Everytime I would visit the dentist, they would take my blood pressure and everytime it would read high. So they suggest I see a doctor, wherein

Can anyone give me a schematic diagram of the pathophysiology of primary hypertension?

The client is obese (BMI = 31.1), has a high cholesterol and triglyceride level, was previously a smoker (5 pack years), and drinks a lot of coffee. Client is a female , 41 years old. Married with 3 children the

What's the difference between Arterial hypertention and Pulmonary hypertension?

I read up somewhere that hypertension in general means arterial hypertension. then what does pulmonary arterial hypertension mean?

I am looking for a suggestions for a hypertension exercise program – any ideas?

I have mildly elevated blood pressure and want to bring it under control through diet and exercise – so i'm looking for suitable hypertension exercise suggestions that I can try. Thanks.

What could be the cause of uncontrolled hypertension?

My primary care physician and cardiologist are scratching their heads over my condition. My pressure is ALWAYS around 160/90. They have tried almost every prescription to treat my high blood pressure. Right now I'm on Hyzaar in conjunction with Norvasc,