Preventive Measures

Natural Prevention of Nephrotoxicity

Prevention of Nephrotoxicity Prevention of nephrotoxicity can only be properly done by understanding its cause and how it can affect the overall being of a person. This is a dysfunction of the kidneys due to exposure to different medications, especially chemotherapy,

4 Ways to Consider On Prevention of Parasitic Diseases

Prevention of Parasitic Diseases A good hormone and strong gastrointestinal system of a person will always be his or her first line of defense. But not everyone is lucky enough to be born “indestructible” of diseases, especially of parasitic diseases. The

Prevention of Pilonidal Cyst

This is one is most common in MiddleEast – during my tour in Riyadh I first-hand seen this kind of medical problem. Information on Prevention of Pilonidal Cyst Prevention of pilonidal cyst can become easy when it is well understood. Thus, people

How to Prevent Scars

Prevention of Scars However careful a person is, there will always be a challenge for prevention of scars. These are remnants of healed wounds, which are normal in the healing process. The reason why scars are very distinctive is that during

Prevention of Voice Disorders

The voice is a very important part of the expressive outputs of the human body. It is a way of expressing or communicating with others, so when it is lost or subjected to disorder, getting understood by others becomes a

Prevention of Brain-Eating Amoeba

Brain-Eating Amoeba Naegleria fowleri or the brain-eating amoeba was discovered on 1965 in Australia although there are reasons to believe that it originated in the US, a single-celled organism from the Naegleria family. Only fowleri species, which has several sub types,

Prevention of Dumping Syndrome

Prevention of Dumping Syndrome The medical world is continuously making a lot of changes and solutions to make the lives of the greater public better. This includes surgical solutions for obesity and stomach cancer. There are some side effects though, which

Prevention of Staph Infection

Information on How to Prevent Staph Infection Whether you like it or not, you have bacteria living on your skin. However you scrub and wash your body, bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus lives on it, usually doing no harm until it becomes

Prevention of Bed Bug Bites

 Bed Bugs Bite Red and swollen bumps with dark red center is an indication that you got bed bugs bite. You wouldn’t see these bugs because they are truly small and flat without wings, but hideous oval shaped pests that feed

List for Prevention of Epileptic Seizures

Prevention of Epileptic Seizures People who suffer from epileptic seizures are among those who experience the loss of esteem and social acceptance. They become worried of being around other people because they don’t know when the seizures will happen again. This