Preventive Measures

Tips on Prevention of Nipah Virus

Prevention of Nipah Virus Nipah virus initially became a scare in 1999 when a respiratory outbreak among Malaysian and Singaporean pig farmers. The name was taken from a Malaysian Peninsula village, Sungai Nipah, where the illness was first known about. Nipah

Prevention of Bronchitis

Bronchitis Inflammation of the mucus membrane in bronchial passages of the lungs is the main source of Bronchitis. This swelling narrows down, if not shuts off, the very small airways of the human lungs. This will then result to coughing spells

Prevention of Dust Mites

Information on Prevention of Dust Mites People and pets shed skin flakes that dust mites use to feed on. These microscopic creatures thrive in humid, warm environments and can be found on carpets, curtains, beddings, mattresses, and even upholstered furniture. However

Prevention of Barrett’s Esophagus

Barrett’s Esophagus Chronic Gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD is a concerning health condition because it can cause more serious diseases just like the Barrett’s esophagus. If this happens, the esophagus’ tissues become changed into those that form the intestine lining. This

Foods that Help Prevent Flatulence

Prevention of Flatulence Flatulence is a normal function of the digestive system. It is gas buildup that needs to be moved out of the body. This happens as a by-product of the breaking down of food by enzymes in the large

Prevention of Athlete’s Foot

Easily referred to as athlete’s foot, clinically, it is known as tinea pedis basically because it is caused by tinea fungus. Experts believe that going barefoot is the main cause but not the only one, especially in locker rooms, swimming

Prevention of Anxiety Disorders

Not everyone who has anxiety disorders know that they are experiencing one because it can easily be mistaken as being controlling or overly worried. This does not choose age, sex, and preferences in life. In fact, even professionals and those

Tips On Prevention Of Poisoning

Prevention of Poisoning Poisoning doesn’t happen everywhere, and in most cases, is not intentional. Due to that, this is almost always accidental and there is more chance for it to happen at home than anywhere. This is due to the multi-ages

Prevention of Bad Breath

Bad Breath Halitosis is the medical name for bad breath, which is primarily a result of poor or deprived dental health and/or habits of those who are suffering from the condition. It may also be due to the kind of food

Tips for Prevention of Degenerative Disc Disease

Prevention of Degenerative Disc Disease Aging can be a challenge because the body starts to be vulnerable to diseases and disorders. One in particular is the degenerative disc disease or DDD, which is a very common back ailment for people who