What Causes Adult Acne – 4 Main Culprits You Didn’t Know About

Acne usually appears on young adults and men. Some find it hard to pin where it actually came from or what triggered its breakout. Were you eating something? Were you doing something? What causes adult acne? How? Let’s find out.

Teen acne is commonly found on the cheeks; however, adult acnes, being different are usually found in jawlines and are deeply implanted, making these hard to extract unless the skin would be exfoliated or treated.

For women, hormonal imbalance is a big factor especially before having menstrual period. Because of this, birth control pills are being prescribed for acne-prone women to control the level of their hormonal imbalance. Yup! You read it right. Can birth control pills cause acne? Not really; as long as you are taking these with the right prescription from your doctor. Birth control pills are usually used as a treatment and not considered a culprit.


Surprised? Here are four culprits that cause adult acne.


  • Hair ProductsWhat causes adult acne hair product

Have you ever heard of “pomade acne?” This particular kind of acne is actually caused by hair products. Observe the breakouts. Are they usually found on your chin, forehead, nape, or under the ears? Then should you consider changing what you are using. Hair and body always touch each other; it is inevitable. Now, if you are using a hair product which contains strong chemicals, tendency is that these chemicals are drawn near your body and these are what cause adult acne.

To avoid this problem, you should always be careful with what product to use and make sure to practice proper hygiene. After using a hair product while taking a bath, be sure to wash your face and body to make sure that it is perfectly cleansed. This is the only way to reduce the spread of clogging chemical compositions your hair products have.

Hairstyle sometimes makes you prone to acnes, too. Bangs bring pore-clogging chemicals directly to your face because of its position. Therefore, better check first what products you should use especially when it comes to spray, shampoo, and other hair products.



  • Skin Products Including SunscreensWhat causes adult acne cream

Ever heard of super-comedogenic ingredients such as isopropyl myristate? These are pore-clogging ingredients usually found in make-up and other cosmetic products. Because of trying and experimenting with different skin products, we usually end up having breakouts. You should first consider thinking twice before using anything on your face.

You can go to a dermatologist and ask for a list regarding acne-causing ingredients. With the help of this list, you can comfortably look and try different skin, cosmetic, or even sunscreen products that would not threaten your skin’s welfare. Reading the ingredients of a certain product should help you out in picking the best skin care products that would surely suit you.



  • Diet (Food intakes)What causes adult acne plate

Is there really such a thing as acne causing foods? What should you avoid? Can you resist some of your favorites?

Iodides, which are compositions found in salt, are the ones which make food an acne-creating machine. Greasy foods like French fries are not the culprits; it is the amount of salt we take in that causes acne. Sensitive, acne-prone skin gets reddish and develops inflammation as a result of the body sweating out excess iodides.

A study done in Australia also proved that junk food and sodas are also considered as food-causing acne because of their high glycemic index.

If salt can’t be diminished, sea salt may be an option. If you can avoid eating salty foods, better. A healthier diet is always about choice–veggies and fruits will always be the best for our body.



  • Mobile PhonesWhat causes adult acne phone

Mobile phones are today’s greatest technology. These help us talk to each other like distance doesn’t matter. We communicate faster than ever and we use phones for comfort and almost everywhere. Have you ever thought of how dirty our phones can get? Using them little by little, putting them down anywhere, and lifting it up for usage again–wow. Are these sinking in? Also remember that these mobile phones get to come in contact with our faces when taking a call. Therefore, technically speaking, the bacteria that were collected on our day-to-day use of mobile phones gets nearer and nearer to our faces. This makes our face suitable for thriving and growing bacteria which results to acne and more. Better clean them with alcohol or sanitizer as frequent as possible.


I bet you were surprised of how these things affect us. They are simple everyday things we do but also contribute to our skin’s downfall. A little bit of knowledge could come in handy–and works everytime! These are but some of what causes adult acne.

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