What Causes Hair Loss? Find Out the Whole Truth

Hair loss is one kind of skin disease which is also called “alopecia.” This is when your hair starts thinning. And you might not notice it immediately but you’re already losing hair. This is not good news for a lot of people. It is not pleasing to look at and it feels very uncomfortable. What causes hair loss? What can you do to stop it? Are you too late? These are the most frequently asked questions regarding this topic. Together, let’s dig deeper into the world of hair loss (Read more about Hair loss treatment).


What causes hair loss?

what causes hair loss hair

Hair loss is caused and affected by different factors. Some say it is caused by age while some say it is caused by genes. Looking deeper into the topic, research shows that hair loss is caused not only by age or genes, but more than those.


No matter how we look at the hair loss causes, hair loss is hair loss. And yes, we can do something about it. We can use treatments such as hair growth vitamins or hair supplementing products.


Here are Some Facts on Hair Loss Causes:


Causes of hair loss varies in people

What causes hair loss in men?

Men and women have different causes of hair loss. Some studies believe that males are more prone to having hair loss problems because of male-pattern baldness which is noticeable in men going in their 30s-40s.


What causes hair loss in women?

what causes hair loss women

Women also experience hair loss. However, hair loss in women is somehow relevant and linked to hormonal problems which are usually brought by pregnancy, menopausal stage, and during pre-menstrual periods.


Hair treatments and hair products cause hair loss

Yes. It may be ironic that you go to a salon to have your hair treated thinking that thereafter, you’ll have healthier hair. But I hate to break it to you, these treatment and procedures sometimes cause hair loss.

I remembered one fine day when my mom brought me to a salon where I was supposed to have my hair straightened out. A day after the treatment, my hair started falling off that I was starting to get bald. My mom and I outrageously went back to the salon to have it fixed then they started spraying vinegar on my scalp. I thought it was too late. I thought I’ll be bald but the vinegar somehow worked.

Maybe the effects of treatment depend on how sensitive the person’s skin is and we have to admit that not everyone is the same. We take chances, be in the situation at our own risk and sometimes, we get surprised of the outcomes.


Family is everything

Why do I say family is everything? Well, we are connected in every little thing– including experiencing hair loss. You may notice your grandpa being bald and sooner, your dad’s hair starts to fall off, too. He might ask you sometimes what causes hair loss; you can tell him that he might have gotten it from your grandpa.
Male-pattern baldness and female-pattern baldness is shown to root from your genes. Heredity causes this skin problem. It may not be that noticeable at first since hair loss happens gradually and have specific patterns. For men, it usually starts above the forehead while for women, hair starts thinning.


Hormones are one of the most common culprits

Like the statement mentioned above, hormones that won’t go easy on your body changes also won’t go easy on your hair. Hormonal changes happen a lot especially in women who are on their early stage of puberty. Puberty causes a lot of changes in the body that it makes the hormones go inside out and crazy. These hormones, when imbalanced, result to some unwanted things like hair loss.

Hair loss is common especially during pregnancy, menopausal state, and pre-menstrual periods. Why? Because this is when your body experiences big changes; so big that it affects hormones.


Medical conditions might be considered

Are you familiar with some medical conditions and diseases that cause hair loss? I can name you a few. One of the diseases that cause hair loss is trichotillomania. It is a hair-pulling disorder where one cannot refuse the urge of pulling hair in any part of the body.


What causes hair loss more than having a chemotherapy session? Well, chemotheraphy is one way of prolonging the life of those who have cancer. But it comes with a price. You may be living longer but the pain gets stronger and stronger while every medicated session leaves you with lesser hair. A lot of people ask why does chemotherapy causes hair loss. Chemotherapy uses very strong drugs which are used to divide growing cancer cells into smaller divisions. It may sound great; however, as it targets cancer cells, it also inevitably targets healthy cells in your body, including your hair cells. Hair follicles create your hair and they are filled with tiny trinkets of blood vessels that make it one of the fastest growing and multiplying cells in your body.


Another medical condition that causes hair loss is alopecia areata. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder wherein your immune system directly attacks your body, specifically, your hair follicles. This event ends up in hair loss and plenty of round-shape patches of baldness.


Medications should be observed and checked

Medicines used in certain kinds of illnesses sometimes have unwanted side effects. Also, it is to be noted that taking in too much vitamin A which have retinoids can be another cause of hair loss.


Stress, the root of all evil

Stress is one thing that is being linked to almost all other diseases. Remember that stress does not only cause hair loss problems but as well as more complicated health situations. One thing to remember is that stress may be inevitable but it can be managed. And managing stress can save you a lot of time, effort, and health. You can always look for a better positive outlook in life no matter how hard you are in today.

These are the most common causes of hair loss and if you are in this current situation, the good news is that you can manage and treat it all at the same time. You can go treating it the natural way by taking in foods which have hair growth vitamins or by buying vitamin supplements in drug stores. Either way, it’s up to you. You will be the one to decide.

One of the popular ways to treat hair loss is by treating it the natural way, in order to avoid unwanted side effects brought by different drugs, which can also be an option. Natural way as in taking in hair growth vitamins that would suffice the body’s daily needs. What kind of hair growth vitamins, you might ask? Well, from a doctor’s perspective, taking in the required daily dose of every vitamin available is a win-win situation for anyone especially for those who believe that prevention is better than cure. Having enough vitamins is like saving yourself from sickness. And what better way to look for vitamins? Eat fruits, go out, and interact!


Here is a List of the Top 5 Hair Growth Vitamins

what causes hair loss vitamins

Vitamin C

We all know that vitamin C is a major anti-oxidant that helps our body and boosts our immune system. But then again, only a few knows that this vitamin is usually used in manufacturing hair care products since it helps in having a fuller and more beautiful hair.

There can be a lot of vitamin C supplements out in the market but if taking in supplements is not your thing, eating healthy can be a solution. Another way is to look for that vitamin in your kitchen. Vitamin C can be found in citrus fruits like oranges and lemon. Fruits, in fact, are the best body warriors against sickness. Remember that vitamin C makes the best out of your hair.


Vitamin Bs

Vitamin B may be classified into different groups. However, all these B vitamins help in beautifying our hair. A lot of shampoos use this vitamin as an ingredient in their product since it is one of the best hair growth vitamins. You can try using B12 supplements or for best results, you may add all the B vitamins in your diet plan.

Vitamin B7 is also known as vitamin H and a deficiency in this vitamin results in hair loss. This vitamin is usually found in green leafy veggies, legumes, and yolk of an egg. This is considered one of the hair growth vitamins since it helps in growing the hair and making it more improved with regards to its thickness and volume. Biotin renews hair follicles which already exist, thus making hair healthier.

You can eat foods which are rich in vitamin B7 or you can ask your doctor for a prescription of a vitamin B7 supplement. Two tablets with a total of 240 mcg of Biotin a day are enough to prevent hair loss in women since two tablets has enough of the recommended value of Biotin.


Vitamin E

Vitamin E is one of the beauty vitamins known. It is used in many beauty products including hair care essentials. There is a wide variety of vitamin E supplements in the market and running low on this vitamin would make you feel uneasy with noticeable changes on your skin and hair. Taking vitamin E supplements is an option but you can always take the other road wherein you can eat foods that are enriched with this vitamin. Vitamin E helps you in having a healthy scalp and encourages healthy hair growth.

You can try using products with plenty of these vitamins. However, if you think that there is no change, you may want to try concentrating on filling on these vitamins from the inside.


Vitamin A

One of the most popular and effective hair growth vitamins, vitamin A does almost all the work in maintaining your healthy hair. Vitamin A can be found in eating dark green leafy vegetables and more so, in meat. If you can’t have it this way, a pill may be recommended and prescribed to you by your doctor.

Vitamin A has a lot of anti-oxidants which helps maintain your scalp as hydrated as possible by producing enough sebum. Like vitamin C, it fights the free radicals and weakens it to make your hair feel lighter and healthy. Taking vitamin A daily will also result to having stronger and thicker strands. This vitamin is recommended as a solution for hair loss in both women and men.


Vitamin D

Having a hair follicle health problem? Try indulging yourself in a vitamin D pit. It might just do the trick. Vitamin D can be found in the sun’s rays, naturally. You just have to go outside and take in the direct light from the sun. Of course, it should be done during the healthy hours (6:00AM-9:00AM). It may be true that you don’t need much of this vitamin but during winters, it may lead you to having a deficiency which we won’t like to happen. It may be present in different hair care products but it surely does not have a match for having it in the most completely natural way—direct from the sun.


Other known hair growth vitamins are:






Remember that we don’t need much of an effort in order to be healthy. Eating a balanced meal, packed full of vitamins and nutrients, is the key together with exercise and a daily dose of going outside and interacting with one another. Nature serves us with its best purpose – to help us live in the best way possible. Good luck on your journey and never forget to take care of not only your hair, but your whole self (Rad more about Vitamins for Hair Growth).



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