Causes of Zika Virus As a Disease

Zika Virus Cases in Singapore Reaches 215

Zika Virus as a Disease. Singapore is the first in Asia to have Zika infection outbreak, which numbers have climbed to 215 in just over a week’s time. The number is still expected to increase as authorities try to manage the risks that the locals are facing. In Saturday, 26 new cases have been reported and 24 of these cases have been determined to be from Aljunied district. It is the same cluster where the first cases of locally-transmitted infection have been reported. This means that the viral infection is still controlled on an area. Another good thing is that the scientists working on the cases have already sequenced the origin of the virus – Asian, which clears hard-hit Brazil of the case.

What could have caused the outbreak?

ZIka virus is an infection carried by Aedes mosquito, a specie known in around 67 countries across the globe, including Asia and America. The outbreak in Singapore was first thought to be imported from Brazil because the outbreak of the viral infection is prevalent in the country. But scientists on the Singapore cases have ruled out the speculation after evidences and analyses have shown that the strain is of Asian lineage. It may even be part or an evolution of the current strain known in the Southeast parts of Asia. The study has been accepted and backed up by no less than the National Environment Agency and the Ministry of Health.

Symptoms of Zika Virus

Zika Virus is an infection that is viral in origin. It can cause fever that will be followed by rashes. Many have downplayed the effects of the infection but recent studies have shown that the viral infection can severely affect pregnant women as well as their fetuses or developing babies. Pregnant women who have contracted Zika virus can actually give birth to babies with deformation, usually microcephaly. This is characterized with abnormally small heads because of the smaller brains they are born with.

Bit it gets worse these days. Another study published by University of Miami doctors for Radiology have unearth a few more abnormalities that this viral infection can cause – calcium deposits in the brain and changes in retinal pigment. OF the 17 babies with the virus and 28 suspected virus carriers, 98 percent have been found to develop calcium buildups in their corpus callosum. This is a thick bundle of nerves that work to connect the brain halves of a person together. 94 percent also developed ventriculomegaly or the enlargement of fluid spaces in the brain. This can make up for the lost brain tissues and can then keep the baby from having an abnormally small head. A minority of the infants are also found to have eye abnormalities.

Affecting Malaysia

On Saturday, Malaysia reported its first ever Zika virus locally transmitted disease in Sabah. This is being connected with the woman who have come to Singapore and visit her daughter after the report went out two days from the suspected case.

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