Diabetes, cure/treatment, what alternatives are there?

A dear friend of mine, 57y/o female, has done everything she knows to stop the progression. I am sending a note in a bottle out to you, the loving individuals who respond to these questions, for some new ideas.

Divine blessings upon you!

Written By Nurse007

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  • MamaSmurf March 29, 2009, 12:05 am

    Unfortunately, there is no cure for either type of diabetes. If she is type 2 a healthy diet and exercise can help to a point. She will need to watch her diet, get daily exercise, and visit her doctor every 3 months. Tell her to take her meds exactly as the doctor has instructed her, and get a dietitian or nutritionist. My nutritionist told me about the South Beach diet. It teaches about good and bad carbs, gives lists of food to eat and not to eat. It is not an exchange diet and does not count carbs or calories. It's very easy and healthy. If she were to decide to use this diet, tell her to skip phase one and start with phase two. Stay away from white bread, and anything thing made with white flour, including pastas. No white potatoes and no white rice. If she is type 2, she will have to watch her diet closely. I have tried so many alternative methods of treating diabetes, and most of them did my body harm. I ended up almost dying and in the hospital from herbal treatment from a very reputable Chinese doctor. Just do what the doctor says. Good luck to the both of you.