Nursing Considerations for Lung Cancer Patients

Get essential nursing considerations for lung cancer patients. Understand the challenges, assessments, diagnostics, treatments, symptom management, and support needed.

Preventing Lung Cancer: What You Need to Know

Preventing Lung Cancer: Discover key strategies to protect yourself and your loved ones. Understand risk factors, ways to quit smoking, and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Breakthroughs in Lung Cancer Research

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Understanding Lung Cancer

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Early Detection and Treatment of Lung Cancer

Learn about the significance of early detection and treatment of lung cancer. Explore various methods available for screening and diagnosis. Improve survival chances by prioritizing early intervention.

Living with Lung Cancer: A Survivor’s Story

Discover the inspiring journey of a lung cancer survivor and gain valuable insights into living with the disease. Find strength, courage, and lessons in “Living with Lung Cancer: A Survivor’s…

Is the smoke in cigarettes what really will cause lung cancer?

I know that in general that smoking gives you lung cancer, but what I'm wondering is if it is the smoke itself, or what is in the smoke that causes…

What can you bring foodwise or giftwise to a friend with lung cancer?

I am visiting a friend that has lung cancer that has spread. What can I bring as a helpful or fun gift? Foodwise anything? Other than time and bringing up…

How long does a person smokes before she gets heart disease/lung cancer?

I've smoked like for like 15 times only. Am i prone to lung cancer/heart disease already? Female, 17.

For how long have people known about lung cancer?

If someone came to a doctor in the early nineteenth century with blatant symptoms of lung cancer, would they have recognised it? When did doctors discover lung cancer and how…