Do I Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Or Not?

I have this key question am i ADHD or not based on what i tell you.and if so do i have ADHD both hyperactive and innatentive or ADHD inattentive only or hyperactive only
here’s my story:

  • As a toddler i was very aggresive


  • By the time i was a kid i wasnt very aggressive, but i got angry at small things (till today i am) i have been in trouble multiple times for taking play situations outta hand not bbecause of agressiveness just getting carried away which cause me to break chairs, windows, throwing toy cars of roofs, sending my brothers expensive mercedes model cars into the walls.
  • I had big mouth by then was very provocative got into numerous fights with siblings.
  • I couldn’t tie my shoe laces until age 11
  • I couldn’t ride a bike until 12
  • I run up and down the stairs alot causing irritation to my siblings,. but i cud hold myself back when my parents came home
  • Always jumping up and down on my parents bed, regardless of whether they were home or not
  • Always behind in studies, only person in class to have failed most multiplication tables test, couldn’t put ABC’s in order until 13, getting my parents called beause of cheating in a test, and multiple times not handing in projects or whenever i did they were rubbish
  • Needing almost 4 hours of extra tutoring a week
  • Got into fights due to excessive provocation of people at school


I’m 15 now and this is my life since i was 13:

  • Suspended for 2 days due to verbally abusing a classmate in front of the whole class
  • Got into trouble numerous times because of provocation of colleagues again
  •  Never could concentrate ( also happened in childhood)
  • Every time friends would come over to my house i would have arguments, and i would also play games they didn’t like, e.g. asking them to fight me by kicking them
  • My teachers constantly complain about me fidgeting with any objects that are close to me.
  • Having PE and finding that Im still full of energy, enough to go to the school gym right after, come home and not sleep till 3AM
  • At night when my parents tell me to go to bed i roam around my small room randomly without any purpose at all.
  • Besides being moderately hyperactive most times i have frequent intense outbursts of short hyperactive episodes where i go wild jumping on sofas, kicking any object everywhere. the most recent episode was today when i literally went buzurks and i had only slept 3 hours but still i had the energy to go completely bananas, and the episode lasted for about 30 minutes and Im not totally calmed down yet my legs and hands like always are still restless

so this is my story and i’m 15 now by the way. and this is my second post, my first post only got 1 answer so im giving it another go on people’s opininion. and i will be most happy if i dont have it because it will give me determination to correct these problems, do you think i have adhd or is it just a personality quirk?
reply to v-benjamins comment: hiya vbenjamin thnx alot for your reply and wishes for me, but i didnt go through any trauma at all earlier in life just so u are informed.

Here’s A Video About Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD):


What Is The Meaning Of ADD And ADHD?

ADD (attention deficit disorder): ADHD is a common condition that affects children and adolescents, while ADD is more common in adults. ADHD is the most commonly diagnosed mental disorder of children and is more common in boys than in girls. … The diagnosis is made based on the child’s symptoms and behavior.Read Here…

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  • ripriles January 31, 2009, 4:49 pm

    Yes, you have ADHD, classic ADHD. That is a very rare thing for me to say to anyone on the internet. It is impossible to diagnose someone without ever seeing them but everything you describe screams ADHD.

    You would have ADHD type C (combined type) this combines both the innatentive and learning problems typoe aswell as the hyperactive/impulsive type.

    If you have not been diagnosed you need to see a doctor to be diagnosed as soon as possible.

    All your problems are in line with ADHD. The three main area’s of ADHD are Attention deficit, hyperactivity and poor impulse control.

    ATTENTION DEFICIT – this is seen in you being behind in your studies and needing a lot of extra help. You sound like you are actually quite itellegint and innatention is stopping you from achieving to your potential. Also with your concentration difficulties.

    HYPERACTIVITY – You have all the symptoms of ADHD hypoeractivity like. Needing far less sleep than normal, seeming to have lots more energy after exersize rather than less, always being told to stop fidgeting, pacing around your room unable to sleep, running and jumping.

    POOR IMPULSE CONTROL – which explains things like being suspended from school, breaking things, kicking out at people and basically gettiung into big trouble.

    Other symptoms of ADHD usually include

    Poor fine motor coordination – as seen in your inability to tie your shoes. I am willing to bet you also suffer from problems with handwriting.

    Acting out emotions – Having ADHD does not make you aggressive but it does make you act out your emotions rather than think about them. When a normal person is happy they may smile or laugh, an ADHD person usually jumps around and skips. When angry a normal person may store the feeling inside but an ADHDer is more likely to act on it.

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