Do I Have ADHD? I’m Really Worried!! 10 Points!!?

I dont know if it’s normal or I have Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)


After i watch a movie, i get always confused with the story, characters, or anything… it’s sooo hard for me sometimes to understand what the actors are talking about and after that, i was like, “huh? i didn’t understand the movie”… so what i do, i go to wikipedia or imdb to find out more about the plot, the names of the characters, etc… and only then, that i become “relaxed” and satisfied with the movie…

in other words, i really dont get the details unless ill look it up in wikipedia or somewhere…

also, when i read a book, sometimes i don’t understand what the book is saying and it makes me read the passage at least twice….

another thing is, i feel as if my mind is in another planet sometimes in class… i was always daydreaming… lol

SO, are these signs of ADHD??

is it only me or there’s someone else on here who feel the same thing??

Know If You Have ADHD

To answer your query, you might just be suffering from being inattentive. A lot of people are being distracted by a lot of things especially in this age of social media. You can identify the things that are disturbing you. There might be reasons that are bothering you terribly and to contemplate about your life will definitely help. And if you’re really concerned about your being inattentive or if you fear that you might have ADHD, it would be wise to get in touch with a medical professional. Below are articles about ADHD that could give you more understanding.

Know If You Have ADHD

Know If You Have ADHD

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Some people just come to the conclusion that they have ADHD but they didn’t research enough and they can have different sorts of reasons why they are acting that way, and they can become terribly anxious and frustrated.

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There are lots of wonderful ADHD information in this video so watch and share.

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  • nonlinear February 10, 2009, 9:38 am

    You sound like you may the ADHD-inattentive type like I do. I'm not that bad with movies but I can't count how many times I have had to reread a sentence or paragraph.

    I daydream a lot. Even when people are talking to me.