Do People Who Are Recovering From Severe Alcohol Abuse Become Like Children Again After They Are In Rehab?

Why is this, if it’s true?

and how long does it take them to recover back to adulthood?

would you say that liquor or strong alcohol could actually be classified as a “hypnotic” drug since this is maybe true?

why and how so for your reasoning?

Thanks for your answers!

To Recover From Alcohol Abuse

To answer your query, recovering alcoholics become children again in the sense that they are starting all over again. Their life is a blank sheet. They’ll start from scratch. But in reality, those who have suffered from alcohol abuse are more matured individuals because they have been through a lot. Those who have been through hell and came back are stronger individuals both emotionally, intellectually, and even spiritually.

Drugs and alcohol are hypnotic because they can make a person forget. They can make a person forget the sources of his true happiness which could be his family and friends. For additional information regarding your query, I’ll attach several articles below in the form of links.

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One just needs to become willing to help himself become functional and sober again. There are people who are very willing to make you become yourself again for sure, but of course, you need to help yourself. You already have the key to become happy and free of alcohol abuse.

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Recover From Alcohol Abuse Today

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Anyone Can Recover from the Horrors of Alcohol Abuse if he Wants To.

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  • Nicholas R March 24, 2009, 2:05 am

    Severe addicts and alcoholics become "arrested" in the developmental stage they were at when they began using. They learned to deal with their problems by masking the negative emotions with the chemical high. While other people got over the nervousness of talking to the opposite sex or taking crap from a boss, addicts just went for their cure all. There's going to be some childishness to deal with for sure. But addicts aren't any more sinful than anyone else. They just have a harder time dealing with their feelings. That's why they turned to chemicals in the first place.

    All it takes to be set free is the power of Jesus Christ. He can deliver anyone from the slavery of substance abuse. He makes a home in your heart and gives you strength to overcome. I know from experience.

    Yours in Christ, Nick