Do U Think Everyone Has A Certain Amount Of ADHD?

All Of Us Have ADHD

I’m wondering if all of us has ADHD or can have one in the future.


All Of Us Have ADHD

All of us need attention but in different intensities, and in one point or another we are hyper in our life. Even in advanced age, we can still feel hyper. It’s just that an old person can’t cope up with his yearnings and hobbies. Also, other people are diagnosed with ADHD or ADD because it’s in their genes.

In case you want to get more information about ADHD, ADD, ADHD in adults, ADHD in children, causes of ADHD, and ADHD medication, give time to read these wonderful write-ups from Psychology Today, NCBI, and WebMD.



We’re All ADHD Now | Psychology Today

Sep 1, 2011, My clients with ADHD are struggling on a daily basis with “executive functions” So if it’s true that in some small way we all have ADHD now.

23 Signs You Do NOT Have ADHD – TotallyADD –

Nov 14, 2014 ,By Rick Green ADHD, ADD, Overwhelm, Do I have ADHD, Do I have ADD … OK, we’ll it’s more scientific than that, but the lab coat helps too. Noisy rooms, bright lights, certain fabrics, even clothing tags; all of these can add .

Does Everyone Have ADHD? – | Adult ADD | ADHD …

Jul 9, 2015. Does Everyone Have ADHD, struggling, overwhelmed, suicidal, can’t focus, Wages haven’t kept up with inflation, so we’re all working harder.

Dating Someone With ADHD

Just Learn Tips For Dating Someone With ADHD

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  • Roger April 7, 2009, 7:19 pm

    its a label some people hide behind which muddies the water for people who have it bad.

    For some it is a serious medical condition which results in an inability to function normally.

    But for way too many it is a total COP-OUT, any time they fail to excercise the mental discipline appropriate for their level of responsibility in whatever they may be doing ie work mork most of the time. I hear ADD bandied about all the time as a joke when someone screws up. i know you said adhd but it is a similar disorder and everyone hides behind it.

    they are just too plain lazy to put in the "H" just like they were too plain lazy to do their job properly in the first place

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