Do You Think ADD/ADHD Is Real Or Fake?

ADD stands for Attention Deficit Disorder and ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, for those of you who did not know but is it real?


To answer your query, ADD/ADHD is real. The first recorded mention of ADHD was in 1902. There are lots of famous cases concerning ADD and ADHD. It is real and there are lots of behavioral treatments and techniques that are being implemented by medical professionals and educators. Those remedies are being used by parents, relatives, friends, and ADHD patients themselves so they’ll feel better.  Below are several links for articles that will give more light on your understanding on ADD and ADHD. 

ADD AND ADHD are common diagnosis’ being handed out to children who don’t fall into the category of being ‘normal’ according to society’s standard. Learn more about is ADHD real in adults, proof that ADHD is real, ADHD does not exist,  and is ADD really a disorder. Learn about different viewpoints about ADD/ADHD.

Is ADHD A Real Disease

Is ADHD A Real Disease

ADHD Is Real: Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) Does Exist | ADHD …
Learn how to manage ADD medications, and set up school accommodations for your child. Lots of enlightening information proofs and data about the existence of ADHD and ADD.

ADHD Does not Exist. Richard Saul, published 2014, 336 pages. Learn more about various viewpoints about the malady or situation in this wonderful book. Download it on your computer or mobile device and be enlightened.

Read these other fine write-ups from Health Central and Additude Mag.

“According to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, close to one in five high school age boys and 11 percent of all school-age children in the United States have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The findings were part of the Centers’ study of children and health, in which the agency interviewed more than 76,000 parents across the country.”

Dating Someone With ADHD

Just Learn Tips For Dating Someone With ADHD

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    It's real, but wrongly diagnosed too often, especially in children.