Does an all organic vegetarian diet help Fibromyalgia? What are other ways to cope with Fibro?

I have tried massage, chiro, physio and IMS (Intramuscular stimulation) it helps but only for about 5 days and its painful and expensive. So far IMS has been the best thing I have tried. I am about to try Prolotherapy an injection of sugar water and a numbing drug. I have also started on an all organic no meat diet.

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  • Dr.Akash March 24, 2009, 7:12 pm

    U may try the following with 100% safety. if it works/clicks, u r lucky. lest it will not aggravate.


    With ur thumb, press ur/his/her palms and soles, wrists and ankles on both sides. As a last point u must press middle part of each palm/sole; so that toxins, if any, shall be excreted/purged through urine without affecting the kidneys.
    It should be done in an empty stomach or after 2 hours after meals. With this, all the endocrine glands and their hormonal secretions shall be regulated. All internal organs shall function up to optimal levels.

    2. Mag Phos -3x — 2 grains t.d.s.

    All these biochemic salts are safe and with side benefits. Don’t swallow medicine. The medicine to be dissolved on/under the tongue. Don’t take any thing 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after medication. You can take water. With best wishes from