Does anyone have a list of foods for Type 2 Diabetes?

I have recently been told that I have Type 2 diabetes. I am looking for a list of foods I can have and a list of foods that I need to avoid. I'd like it in a list form so it can be hung on my bulletin board for quick reference.

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  • LYNN W February 26, 2009, 4:24 pm

    I can give you the list I was given by my dr. Of course you will want to ask your dr about it.
    Lean beef (trimmed or skinned) Quail
    Lamb (trimmed or skinned) Venison
    Pork (trimmed or skinned) Fish
    Veal (trimmed or skinned) Shellfish
    Antelope Pheasant
    Rabbit Elk
    Goose (trimmed or skimmed) Dove
    Alligator Duck (trimmed
    Chicken (trimmed or skinned) or skinned)
    Turkey (trimmed or skinned)

    Beans Squash
    Lentils Zucchini
    Peas Mushrooms
    Spinach Aparagus
    Turnip Greens Artichokes
    Collard greens Lettuce
    Hearts of palm Okra
    Watercress Carrots, in moderation
    Cabbage Celery
    Cauliflower Brussels sprouts
    Broccoli Radishes
    Cucumbers Dill Pickles
    Eggplant Radishes
    Mirliton (chayote) Sweet potatoes
    Bell peppers Onions


    Apples Tangerines Lemons
    Oranges Satsumas Limes
    Pears Mangos Cherries
    Peaches Berries Dates
    Kiwis Honeydews Apricots
    Grapes Grapefruits Plums
    Cantaloupes Avocados Tomatoes


    Milk Cheese Yogurt
    Cream Eggs Butter


    Whole grain products, including breads and pastas (without sucrose, dextrose, maltose, honey, molases, brown sugar, or corn syrup)

    brown rice
    wheat bran
    oat bran
    other unrefined grains


    chocolate (60 percent or greater cocoa)
    tabasco sauce
    coffee (should consume 3 or less caffeinated beverages a day)
    sodas and other soft drinks with artificial sweeteners
    fruit juices with out added sugar
    peanut butter without added sugar
    pure fruit jelly without added sugar

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