Does anyone know if there is a connection between epilepsy,brain surgery,stealing and lying in children?

This is in regards to a 16 yr. old female w/epilepsy and had 2 brain surgeries, not at all helpful, when she was a baby.
She is aware of right and wrong.

Written By Nurse007

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  • chimaera_777 January 30, 2009, 4:32 am

    She is obviously rebelling.(especially as you state she knows wrong from right). Kids rebel when they feel stifled and molly coddled. Which would fit in very well if her parents worry TOO MUCH about her.
    At 16 most kids need a bit of freedom balanced with responsibility and privacy. Parents do NOT need to know everything going on in their 16 yr olds life.

    Family therapy is good for these situations and I will put money on it that the parent/s need to change stuff they are doing which in turn will change the 16 yr olds bad behaviour.
    Teenagers are notoriously difficult. But with the right advice and attitude from family members they do relax and become responsible. Sometimes we need to look at ourselves (as the adults/parents) to see what the problem is.

    Good luck!