Does anyone take Endep 10 for fibromyalgia or similiar symptoms and if so does it help?

I wake every morning with body stiffness and pain. I am not sleeping well at all waking many times every night and during the day the body aches and pains often stay with me all day.
sometimes it will be my lower back that gives me grief and other times it will be my neck and shoulders and upper back.
at night my ankles ache.
i am lethargic and constantly tired and get lots of headaches. I have just been to the doctor and she sent me for blood tests for an array of things like Rheumatoid arthritis. thyroid and so on.
I really would be surprised if the tests came back anything other than normal. The doctor has given me Endep 10 a low dose of anti depressants to help me sleep for the next week until i get the test results back. i was just wanting to know if anyone else suffers from these symptoms and what they do to help or who they found could help.

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  • milly February 17, 2009, 2:14 am

    I was surprised to see that noone else had jumped on this one. I have Fibromyalgia, RA and SLE. And I have been on and off Endep (low doses 10-25).

    Anti-depressants are first and foremost – pain killers. Endep is good for neuralgia. If you are getting a lot of nerve pain, and sensory changes then this is the drug for you! I still have the aching pain, but in combination with my other medications it isn't nearly as bad as it used to be.
    There is one thing to consider however, is your lethargy? Is it post taking Endep? If it is, that is a common side effect. I find myself sleeping in excess of 16-22hrs a day – and it isn't just a "lazy" feeling, it's a "I'll pass out in the middle of this street" feeling. My advice is, if the lethargy gets worse, drop the dosage to 5mg (halve the tablet).

    It's so strange because when I was going through the diagnosis stage – all I wanted was for something in my test results to almost validate how absolutely horrible I was feeling… And as much as you might feel the same way (I don't really know if you do), I do hope that you find that it's something really simple like low iron, or something!!

    Best wishes…

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