Does epilepsy exist without loss of consciousness? How would I know if I had petit maal seizures?

im 21yo female with history of anxiety/panick attacks, Dr sent me to have EEG because i am always dizzy, the scan showed unstable brain activity – Epileptic, put me on EPILUM 500mg. However I have never lost consciousness or had a seizure, i just have disorientation or dizzyness even on the meds. Went for second EEG, neuro said im perfectly healthy, unstable activity was noticeable however natural for someone my age during hyperventilation (which they make you do during EEG) however the neorologist cannot prove i dont have epilepsy because im on meds, and to stay on them for a year?! Because she wont prove i don't have it, i cannot drive a car because technically they cant do anything????? how can i have epilepsy…. when ive never had an attack? or lapse of consciousness? and if i did have a lapse of consciousness (petit maal) would I know?Also since being on the EPILUM 500mg twice a day, i have become sort of dependant, as it is a mood stabilizer.

Written By Evie Neumann

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  • Crystal P April 11, 2009, 2:00 am

    I have had my fair share of doctors who won't answer my questions either. Keep looking for one that will. I know it is a pain in the …. but you need answers, not a "I am the right hand of God because I am a neurologist complex" They are out there just hard to find. Yes to your question. My petite mals are a very DEEP sense of deja vu feeling. Almost time warp feeling, not simply a familiar type of feeling but as if I jumped time to another place of been there, done that already as if it were foretold. So NO you do not have to loose consciousness. They first put me on epilepsy medication and yes I lost my license for 3 mos. and took me 5 yrs to be taken off my record because of it. Some of the side effects from the medications can be worse than the cure though. So you will want to be really sure that it is epilepsy if you are to stay on it. It took me 7 yrs later, through trial and error and keeping a log of what I felt, when it was happening, time of day, time of the month, and foods I ate, medications I took, whether it was tylenol, Ibuprofen, sinus meds, whatever I thought was relevant. It is a complete pain but it worked. I found out for myself, no thanks to any of the doctors I went to, that there are a few triggers that seem to cause my petite mals. Pain will sometimes do it, sudden, sharp pain such as the deep fryer popped grease in my face, or a piece of wire slipped and got me in the face, a screen door handle caught a chunk of hair in the door handle when I turned to shut the door. So I found some pain triggers, ALSO certain sinus medications will do it. Also any ephedrine based products will do it. (although most of the ephedrine products have been pulled of the market…guess why? That's why the diet pills went ephedrine free because of causing seizures and heart conditions) I couldn't be around alot of perfumes either for a long time, which for me that was saddening, but you really notice how bad some people smell with perfumes on when your not wearing any. So my log helped me and will help a GOOD doctor to see if there are any triggers for you. It may be something other than epilepsy. Mine was. Good luck and God bless.

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