Arthritis Causes, Know Better

Arthritis Causes, Understand Better

Arthritis Causes, Understand Better

Does sleeping with a fan blowing on your body cause arthritis?

My wife believes that our children will become arthritic later in life if they sleep with a fan circulating air in their bedroom at night. I disagree. The kids are very uncomfortable in sometimes humid evenings, where we don’t feel the need to run the air conditioning in the entire house. Is there any scientific basis for her beliefs? Is their a definitive link between the root cause of arthritis and fans blowing/circulating air on the body?

To answer your query, the fan blowing on the bodies of your children can cause arthritis especially if it happens on a daily basis. It can happen most especially if your kids are not keeping an eye on their diet and if they wash their body after playing a sport or when they are tired.

It’s alright to have the fan in the kid’s room to blow constantly as long as it’s not hitting your children directly. Keep in mind that your kids will wake up once that they feel that they’re uncomfortable that the fan is blowing on their body constantly.

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  • hopeymagoo April 6, 2009, 4:03 am

    This is one of the "old wives tales" that just keeps going around. There is absolutely no relationship between arthritis and having a fan blowing on you.