(double question)at what stage can the baby?

thats growing inside you start to hear your/other peoples voices? Also i felt the baby move today for the first time (im 16 weeks and this is my third pregnancy) at what stage does this movement become more frequent and when are others likely to feel it when touching my abdomen? Thanks guys x

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  • easty90210 March 28, 2009, 2:28 pm

    as you are on your 3rd baby you will feel movement earlier ive got 6 and my last was 10wks gestation,its kinda freaky when you feel elbows,feet etc.your baby can hear now if you talk soothing you should feel a responce a kick or a flutter,around 18-22wks when the movement is really noticeable when loud music comes on your baby will go bananas did for me.at 20-22wks your baby can tell difference between day and night by your sleeping pattern always the same you settle down for the night and the kicking,thumping starts..lol..and also by the light going through the abdomen.hope this helps i was mad on pregnancy books etc still find it fascinating and now studying midwifery..good luck.x