Eggs’ Cholesterol Isn’t Unhealthy for the Heart: Study

Here are Some Information or Study About Eggs’ Cholesterol Isn’t Unhealthy for the Heart.

A new research suggests that the once-maligned egg is not a heartbreaker after all.
The Finnish researchers said that even the APOE4 gene carriers, who have increase dietary cholesterol
sensitivity, don’t seem to have anything to worry about regarding the impact of eggs and any other
dietary cholesterol on heart health.

The findings tracked the 20-year plus of dietary habits tracking among over 1,000 middle-aged Finnish
men. All of them have healthy heart at the first part of the study and about one-third of them are APOE4
gene carriers, the researchers said.

“It’s quite popular that intake of dietary cholesterol has modest impact on the levels of blood
cholesterol or intake of eggs have not been linked with higher risk of heart disease in most of the
studies,” said by Jyrki Virtanen, the study author. He’s an adjunct professor about nutritional
epidemiology at University of Eastern Finland Institute of Public Health and Clinical Nutrition in Kuopio, Finland.

According to him, the intake of dietary cholesterol has much greater impact on the levels of blood
cholesterol among the APOE4 gene carriers. Therefore, it was assumed that the intake of cholesterol
might have a greater impact on the risk of heart disease among those kinds of people. However in their
study, they didn’t find any increased risk even among the APOE4 gene carriers.

Although the study did not find a connection between the dietary cholesterols and the adverse heart health, the researchers said that they we not able to prove that the dietary cholesterol doesn’t have a notable impact on the cardiovascular diseases.

Jyrki Virtanen together with his colleagues reported these findings in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in its Feb. 10 issue. The University of Eastern Finland provided the funding of the study, and there was no funding made from the egg industry sources.

Finland has a higher than the average number of APOE4 gene carriers, with about one-third of population is being affected. But only a little is proven on whether the intake of dietary cholesterol might affect the heart health of APOE4 gene carriers, the researchers noted.

The new study involved people between the ages of 40 and 60, and they found out that the average dietary cholesterol consumed was 398mg. No one was reported to consumer more than 1 egg daily, on average. In 1 medium-sized egg, it has approximately 200mg of cholesterol, the researchers said.

At the end of 21 years of tracking, , 230 men had experienced heart attack, but the researchers were so
determined that neither the eggs habits, nor the overall consumption of cholesterol, had any connection on the heart attack risk or the heart disease risks like hardening of arterial walls.

Jirky Virtanen also noted that no one from the research participants experienced diabetes or heart disease at the launch of study. He said that there is some data from other study population that
cholesterol intakes might increase the heart disease risks among the diabetic; that’s why their study isn’t a license to eat as much eggs or cholesterol as one likes, study shows that eggs’ cholesterol isn’t unhealthy for the heart.

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