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  • Injury/Fall
  • Blood Loss/Bleeding
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  • Use your common sense – If you feel something seems not right – go to the hospital immediately. Activate EMS by calling 911.https://askthenurseexpert.com/ provides Non-Emergency, Health Critical Advice. We focus mainly on preventive measures and safety precautions.This site is not manned by live operators/Nurses – we check questions that we received daily and respond is not of a guarantee but we do our best to respond within 24-48 hours. Some of the questions that we received were of silly in nature and don’t make any sense, for this reason, we don’t intend to reply.We provide advice on preventive measures and safety precautions within the scope of nursing practice license governed by Illinois Board Of Nursing.Our service on providing nursing advice is FREE.Lastly, https://askthenurseexpert.com/ ATNE is for an educational and recreational purpose only. https://askthenurseexpert.com/ do not intend to diagnose, cure or treat diseases, ailment or any medical disorders or health conditions.

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