Fear Not If You Use Diabetic Food List the Right Way!

Diabetes is a condition where the body’s pancreas fails to produce enough insulin or when the produced insulin of the body does not function efficiently and effectively. Insulin is the hormone that helps in regulating sugar in the body by distributing it to be used as the body’s energy source. In order to manage or regulate insulin, one should control their blood sugar and eating is one of the ways affecting this disease. Follow this diabetic food list and defeat the smell of fear on yourself.

Diabetic Foods in Line with Bread, Grains, and Starches:diabetic food list bread

  • It is best to choose breads made from whole grain or whole-wheat flour.
  • Brown rice is also better than the rice we normally consume for it is made of whole grains.
  • Whole grain cereals made with a little bit of sugar
  • Baked sweet or white potatoes
  • Corn products

Vegetablesdiabetic food list vegetable

Fresh vegetables, which contain fiber, are low in sodium and fat, such aslettuce. These vegetables may also be steamed, roasted, or grilled.


diabetic food list fruitsFruits are also considered foods for diabetics. They have more carbohydrates than vegetables. They are also low in sodium and fat. They also contain minerals and vitamins. You may try eating fresh fruits, frozen plain fruits, sugar-free preserves, and those which are 100-% fruit juices.

Meats, Chicken, and Fishdiabetic food list meat

Baked, broiled, and grilled meats and fishes are considered as diabetic food. Lower-fat cuts of meat like top sirloin can be used. Turkey bacon, low-fat cheeses, skinless chicken breast, beans, eggs, and nuts are also okay.

Dairy Productsdiabetic food list milk

Low-fat milk and cheeses can also be included in a diabetic food list. A diabetic can go for a low-fat yogurt, low-fat sour cream, low-fat cottage cheese, and 1% or skim milk.

Beveragesdiabetic food list water

As for beverages, water will always be the best. However, light beers and small amounts of wine can also be considered safe for diabetic patients. Unsweetened tea may be paired with a slice of lemon instead of adding sugar. Black coffee, on the other hand, may be paired with low-fat milk. A diabetic can also drink a limited quantity of sports drink.

A Good Meal Plandiabetic food list plate

This diabetic food list will surely be of great help in making a diabetic meal plan even for a month. Choose your main ingredients; compute how much you can eat of each during heavy meals and even snacks.

A good meal plan can be fitted in your schedule and be pleasing for your taste buds. It should also teach you good eating habits. These habits will lead you to become a healthier and a happier person. Believe in what they say that no guts, no glory.

What’s to worry? You can eat almost everything an average person can; just be determined enough, be aware of what you intake, and keep in mind that you shall always practice control. Just remember to eat everything in moderation. You can eat whatever you want during cheat days but remember that cheat days cannot be scheduled every day. Watch out for your diet and follow our diabetic food list as much as you can.

Written By Nurse007

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