Feeling the baby move at 11 weeks?

I'm 11 weeks pregnant today. It is my 4th pregnancy, second child. I felt my daughter moving at 14 weeks. Well, last night, I laid down on the couch, and I swear I felt some movement in my lower left abdomen. It was a sort of twinge, like I felt when I first felt my daughter. When I put my hand there, I also felt a "lump", and have felt it in that spot a few times, but don't always feel it there.

I feel the twinge again right now. It's so light and gentle, but feels like movement. During my ultrasound, this is the exact location that they've always found something on an ultrasound.

Although I'm only 11 weeks, is it possible this is the baby moving?
It's like a wave, if that makes sense. And my uterus is measuring slightly ahead of where it should be. Doc thinks there might be more than one because my levels were very high and nearly tripling, but we've only seen one so far.

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  • Twin momma as of 11/11 April 1, 2009, 12:10 pm

    I think you could be feeling the baby, too. I am pretty sure I'm feeling mine as of this week, but I'm paying attention to see when I notice it. The first time was at the movies, and it seems to happen most after I eat. It's happened every evening after dinner. It's hard to believe that's what it is, but I'll keep on paying attention. I don't feel any lumps, however.