What Foods Cause Acne – 5 Surprising Favorites You Have to Stop Eating

There are some foods that trigger allergic reactions, which may include an acne outbreak. Surprisingly, some of our favorite foods are classified as food allergens. Knowledge of what foods cause acne can help us keep outbreaks under control, and even prevent these from occurring.

Does chocolate cause acne?what foods cause acne chocolate

Chocolate has been acquitted as a culprit in acne outbreaks, until a recent study in the Netherlands debunked this fact. The study that was published in 2013 shows a correlation between skin changes prior to an acne outbreak and consumption of chocolate.

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The study suggests that chocolate consumption could trigger inflammation and encourage a bacterial infection, making your acne outbreak worse.

How about peanut butter?what foods cause acne peanut butter

Peanut butter contains a high level of Omega-6 fats which is utilized by the body to make pro-inflammatory hormones. These pro-inflammatory hormones contain and combat infections by causing redness, irritation, and inflammation around the affected area. These are also needed by our body to heal tissues, though excessive production of pro-inflammatory hormones can worsen acne.

Does coffee cause acne?what foods cause acne coffee

Coffee contains caffeine, a well-known stimulant and mood-enhancing substance. Unfortunately, coffee triggers and magnifies our body’s stress response, which includes pumping up on stress hormones such as insulin. Now, high levels of insulin triggers your skin to produce more sebum and new skin cells and increase your body’s inflammation level. In short, coffee can trigger and worsen acne conditions. So next time, include it in your list of what foods cause acne and avoid it for your skin’s sake.

How about Pizza?what foods cause acne pizza

Better check the toppings and the crust. If it contains ample amount of cheese and the crust is made from refined flour, most probably it is contributing to your acne flare-up. Cheese fits in the category of high glycemic foods which flare-up insulin production when taken excessively. Now insulin, as we know it, has a bad record especially in triggering our sebaceous glands to produce more sebum and excessive production of new skin cells that most likely spell clogged pores and acne outbreaks.

Another thing is the crust, if it’s made from refined white flour, chances are it will also fit in the category of high glycemic foods, which will spell tragedy for your acne-prone skin.

How about Sushi?what foods cause acne sushi

Aside from the fact that most of the time it is made of seafood, it also contains rice and a soy product. Seafood such as shrimp, lobster, crawfish, crab, oyster, kelp, and shark are high in iodine which can trigger acne fall-out. Now this is catastrophic, especially to those who are highly sensitive and tend to develop severe allergic reaction to seafood. Therefore, include sushi in your acne causing foods.

While some foods can trigger and worsen acne conditions, it is also through a healthy diet that one can manage and put acne fall-out under control. Knowledge of what foods cause acne can help us make changes in our diet and choose foods that cure and counteract the factors causing the acne outbreak.


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