Foods that Help Prevent Flatulence

Prevention of Flatulence

Flatulence is a normal function of the digestive system. It is gas buildup that needs to be moved out of the body. This happens as a by-product of the breaking down of food by enzymes in the large intestines. Over time, this buildup of gas requires to be expelled from the system because it will not be absorbed by the body. Once it does, flatulence or what many calls farting transpires. While a normal function, this can be an embarrassing when it happens in public places. Thus, it is necessary to prevent it from happening from time to time. To do that, below are some of prevention of flatulence tips that matter.

Belch as prevention of flatulence

Belching is also expelling the buildup of gas in the digestive system. Do it a few many times and once you feel that you are already comfortable, you just had a success in preventing flatulence. If letting wind recur, then just repeat the belching process and you should be safe from the embarrassment it will cause you.

Limit intake of gas-causing foods

A lot of food can cause too much gas that will in return, cause the digestive system to react in terms of breaking wind. Here are some of the foods that people should take in moderation in prevention of flatulence:

  • Beans. Soaking beans for hours in water right before cooking is an effective way to reduce the effect to the digestive system. The side effect though is that the procedure reduces the nutrients in these foods.
  • Carbonated beverages: Drinks like soft drinks and other beverages can be loaded with carbon dioxide, making it fizzy, can actually cause buildup of gas in the digestive system due to the bubbles which are basically gaseous. Large quantities consumed of these carbonated drinks will surely cause excessive buildup of gas in the system, causing uncontrollable farting – even in public.
  • Starches except rice. Starchy foods like corns, noodles, potatoes, and wheat can cause gas buildup in the digestive system. Thus it is so important to take them in moderation as prevention to flatulence.

Choose your carbs

All carbs, whether simple or complex, are known to cause flatulence. This is due to the fact that they ferment way easier than any other food groups, say, proteins. Since carbs are important part of the diet, it is better to stick with those that are unprocessed carbs, which can cause lesser flatulence.

Go for foods that are not gas-causing

  • Probiotics. Pickles, soy sauce, and yogurt are comprised of special acid which makes them easier to digest and break down in the digestive system. This is why these foods does not cause gas in the system.
  • Fermented foods. While fermented foods can cause less flatulence, the process can also strip it off nutritional value.
  • Use digestive enzyme supplements in prevention of flatulence

A prescription digestive enzyme supplement Activa is a highly recommended choice for prevention of flatulence. The same effects can also be achieved with over-the-counter digestive enzyme supplement Beano.

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