Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Generalized Anxiety Disorder – Treatment Option

How do you felt when you heard a bad news about something? The common reaction is being worried and anxious. This is very normal reaction for everyone in the world. However, for those who suffered from generalized anxiety disorder, it is could be a problem. They tend to take their worries to the point that it starts interfere their ability to perform a duty in their daily life. These people will always in tense and anxious situation for a whole day. This could be extremely problematic as it can cause insomnia, body aches and mental exhaustion. On the surface, it seems untreated, but it is not true. The generalized anxiety disorder can be treated.

There are two types of treatments for generalized anxiety disorder; it is psychotherapy and medications. To achieve the optimal results, there are some people go for both treatments at the same time. To be realistic, there is no absolute or best treatment for everyone. Just because the treatment A works on your friends, it doesn’t mean that it will work the same for your case. It takes a trial and error to find a suitable treatment for each individual. In most cases, people usually go for medications as the first option.

A) Medications

There are 3 popular and widely used medicine prescriptions to treat generalized anxiety disorder. These medicines are Antidepressants, Buspirone and Benzodiazepines.

1) Antidepressants:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment

To control the anxiety disorder from going wild, this medicine will influence all the activity of the neurotransmitters, which also known as brain chemical. The effect is not instant though. It takes time, and the full effect usually takes up to 6 weeks.

2) Buspirone:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment

This is another anti-anxiety drug. In fact, among all the 3 medicine prescriptions for anxiety disorder, Buspirone can be considered as the safest drug. It is not addictive or sedating. The side-effect that you are going to be experience is extremely minor. Under a normal condition, you will feel a bit lightheaded once you took it. Again, the effect is not instant. It takes several weeks to achieve the results.

3) Benzodiazepines:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Among the 3 anti-anxiety drugs, Benzodiazepines is the most effective drug to relief the generalized anxiety disorder symptoms. It only needs approximately 30 minutes to achieve the full effect. However, the drawback is serious. It causes a great number of side-effects. You will feel drowsiness, blurred vision, and your alertness to your surroundings and concentration are greatly declined. This drug is usually recommended for a patient who is suffering from the severe, critical anxiety levels.

B) Psychotherapy

Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Psychotherapy is also known as psychological counseling. According to the researches and studies, the therapy treatment work extremely well on treating generalized anxiety disorder. First of all, it is side-effect free. Secondary, if you managed to complete the therapy, you will be free from generalized anxiety disorder forever.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most common and effective psychotherapy for generalized anxiety disorder. Instead of taking drugs to control the anxiety disorder, the patient will learn and understand the origin and symptoms of generalized anxiety disorders, including the negative thoughts and behaviors. If the patient can identify his negative thoughts and fears, he will learn to replace the negative thoughts with more balanced and positive views. In this way, the patient will feel less stressed and starting to gain control over his life.

Basically, generalized anxiety disorder can be healed easily if you know what to do. You don’t need drugs or medicine to control it. You just need to change the way you respond to the situation that you feared. Running away is not a recommended solution. In fact, if you leave your anxiety disorder untreated, it will eventually become worse, and disrupting your lifestyle.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment
Generalized Anxiety Disorder Treatment

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