How to Get Rid of Baby Acne: What It’s All About

What is baby acne?

Baby acne, like those found in adults, are red and bumpy little dots commonly seen on infants’ skin and usually disappear after some time.

No doctor can really pin what causes these little red bumps. These are commonly found in the baby’s cheeks; though baby acnes can occur anywhere in the baby’s body. But do you know how to get rid of baby acne?

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Milia and Baby Acne

Milia, little white bumps that are seen on infants, are commonly mistaken as baby acne. However, these two are completely different and unrelated. Milia are common 2-4 weeks after birth and are only temporary. How about getting rid of milia and how to get rid of baby acne? Unlike baby acne that could get worse and needs to look for treatment, having a milia is a natural occurrence and doesn’t have the need for any treatment.

Baby acne can also sometimes be surrounded by reddish skin with a pustule, a kind of acne where its base is red, clearly visible on skin, and has pus on top. So, you might wanna ask about how to get rid of baby acne. Well, baby acne completes its course and usually disappears without any treatment. However, there are cases where you should already consider calling your doctor.

Baby acne will be very noticeable once your baby cries and becomes uneasy. Using fabrics that aren’t that smooth or baby skin-friendly may make the acne’s situation worse, which can also happen if the saliva stays on the face for a long duration. Some of these acnes would stay for days while others, for months. But what is the best way on how to get rid of baby acne? Prevention is the answer.


How to get rid of baby acne?

how to get rid of baby acne - baby

Prevention is the best way to prevent the worsening of baby acne. Keeping your baby’s skin healthy is one way of how to get rid of baby acne. Home remedies can also be used as baby acne’s treatment. And as parent or guardian, you should remember that you can never use over-the-counter acne products for adults to treat baby acnes.

During your baby’s first few months, you should take in consideration the baby’s sensitivity in all aspects especially when it comes to her skin. Baby’s skin is so sensitive that you should never put anything on it without consulting your pediatrician. Remember that you can never put your baby’s condition at risk.


Home Remedies on How to Get Rid of Baby Acne

Taking care and keeping your baby healthy is the best way to treat baby acne. But how do you take care of your baby to avoid this skin condition? What home remedies can be done on how to get rid of baby acne?


  • Keep your baby’s face clean

This is the first step of how to get rid of acne. You have to clean your baby’s face every once in a while to prevent unwanted things from erupting. Using warm water is best since it is gentle and relaxing. With regard to soap that’ll be used, you can ask and conform with what your pediatrician recommends. Soaps should be hypoallergenic and should not have any strong chemicals that could irritate your baby’s skin.


  • No matter what, don’t rub your baby’s skin hard

Scrubbing is irritating, especially to children. This is why rubbing your baby’s skin hard is a big no. It may cause the baby acne to worsen and make it linger for longer. Instead of scrubbing your baby’s skin, you can try putting the soap on a soft face towel and gently wipe it all over the baby’s body. After taking a bath, you can pat the towel to dry the baby’s body and face. This is another take on how to get rid of baby acne.


  • Avoid touching or pinching the acne

Without having to do anything with it is already one way on how to get rid of baby acne. Squeezing, pinching, or even touching the acne will just make it worse. This will just irritate the skin and may cause a more serious problem for you. The same way goes for using lotions and creams.


  • Patience is a virtue

Like what was mentioned above, one way on how to get rid of acne is by doing nothing and just waiting patiently for it to finish its course. You may not notice it but sooner or later, it will disappear by itself and yes, you won’t need any medication– that’s the best baby acne treatment afterall.
There are a lot of types of acne; however, baby acne is different and unlike adults, they require extra care and diligence. To prevent it is to how to get rid of baby acne completely. As parents, we should always be vigilant and alert on whatever our baby signals us.


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