How to Get Rid of Body Acne in 2 Weeks?

Body acne can be pretty annoying especially if it already began to sprout in many locations on your back. Back acne can be painful and cause discomfort when sitting because it won’t let you rest your back on a chair even for a minute. So if you are tired with your daily struggle with it, here is how to get rid of body acne within a couple of weeks.

Have a cleansing to get rid of body acne bath

Take a bath at least once a day and rinse off after every strenuous activity that causes excessive sweating. Use a mild cleanser to remove excess grease, dead skin cells, and unclog your pores; thus preventing an acne outbreak. Also, don’t forget to use a non-comedogenic moisturizer after washing to prevent your skin from drying. to get rid of body acne wash

As much as it is important to wash your skin, it is also of great significance to use medication to prevent your back acne from getting worse. Also, medications rejuvenate and heal your skin and keep bacteria away while you sleep at night. Perhaps you can apply retinol cream all over your back before going to bed; it exfoliates your skin and foils a breakout. Just don’t forget to apply oil-free sunscreen on your back if you will go out under the sun.

Use breathable to get rid of body acne clothes

Avoid spandex and other synthetic materials; these tend to lock in moisture and bacteria, which may be causing your back acne. Instead, use breathable materials such as cotton. Also, there are organic garments made from bamboo fiber or a combination of bamboo and cotton. Bamboo has a natural antifungal and antibacterial property that stops odor- and acne-causing bacteria from growing and spreading; thus helping prevent and get rid of body acne.

Don’t forget to to get rid of body acne drinking

Stay hydrated all throughout the day. Water not only helps your body to function normally but also flushes out accumulated toxins in your body; thus keeping your skin smooth and clear. So next time, include water in your natural acne treatment routine.

Go for whole to get rid of body acne plate

Make a switch; switch to whole foods. Abstain from high glycemic, processed, and fast foods. Whole foods help your body repair and regenerate cells in the affected areas. Also, these help bring your imbalanced hormones back to normal and give your body an ally in fighting off nasty acne bacteria.Still wondering how to get rid of body acne? Go on a healthy diet even for 1 to 2 weeks and see the difference.

Sleep to get rid of body acne sleep

Get enough rest and sleep well. Your body needs it especially if it’s working on repairing tissues and fighting off bad bacteria that causes acne. Also, sleeping for 7 to 8 hours at night allows your body to work its natural detox process which usually takes place at night.

Practice yoga to to get rid of body acne yoga

Keeping your stress under control is vital if you want to do away with your acne problems. Practicing yoga and meditation, or keeping a yoga lifestyle, is a great way to relieve yourself of all the stress you encounter in your daily life. It also gives you a composed disposition amid every day’s hassles.

Yoga lifestyle lowers your stress and bring stress-induced hormonal imbalance back to normal, keeping acne at bay.

If you’re asking how to treat body acne for good despite having tried all of the tips mentioned above, perhaps it’s time for you to consult your doctor to know the underlying cause of your acne outbreak. By correctly and precisely diagnosing your condition, he can tell you exactly how to get rid of body acne once and for all.


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