Hair loss conditions are not the same for everyone. Hair loss for men is different from women but causes of this skin condition may be of the same kind. What about hair loss treatment for women? Are they as effective compared to hair loss treatment for men?

Hair loss, which is also known as “alopecia,” is a skin condition wherein hair falls off. A cause of this skin condition may be of age, genes, medical conditions, medical reactions, and psychological problems.

Hair is one important thing on our body. It largely contributes on how we look that is why we care a lot about it. So, how do we stop hair loss? What can we do to treat it? Can this skin condition be cured? What is the best hair loss treatment for women and men? Do they vary?


Hair Loss Treatment and its Causes

Hair loss condition has many available treatments. However, to choose from these options, we must first know what causes the skin condition. It might be caused by:


Reaction from medicineshair loss treatment medicines

Medications can cause serious side effects on its users and sometimes, hair loss is a result of taking a certain medication. It is therefore important to observe your status whenever you are undergoing strict medical treatment so that you can immediately tell your physician of the side effects you are having and be able to get the right treatment.


Can be caused by physical traumahair loss treatment stress

Stress is somewhat considered by some as the root of all sickness; they may be right. Stress that leads to trauma is also one of the reasons why your hair is falling little by little. Any event that leads to trauma can cause the hair cycle to move faster in to the shedding phase and this is where you lose your hair. However, this condition of hair loss is only temporary because by the time you get better, new hair will also grow.

Post-pregnancyhair loss treatment pregnant

For a lot of women, post-pregnancy disorder is common. This disorder can cause hair loss; nevertheless, hair would grow anew after several months. This is caused by hormones which go crazy whenever in pregnancy and after.


Too much of vitamin Ahair loss treatment vitamin a

When does a good thing become bad? Having too much or too little of everything is bad. Having too much of vitamin A causes hair loss; that is according to the American Academy of Dermatology. Once the excessive vitamins are used up or lost, expect your hair to grow back normally (Read more about Vitamins for Hair Growth).


Lack of proteinhair loss treatment protein

We should get the daily doses of different vitamins in order to maintain good health and prevent unwanted diseases. There can be no excuse for not having to meet the required daily amount of protein since it is present in a lot of food. Try if it can help you stop hair loss.


Androgenetic Alopeciahair loss treatment loss

This is a medical condition wherein women lose their hair that might be because of heredity. This condition seem to happen to some women when they have reached a certain age. And it does not actually mean that she will be bald, it simply makes the thinning of one’s hair very visible but hair loss treatment for women can be bought over the counter at drug stores.


Female hormoneshair loss treatment female

Not just on pregnancy but female hormones change from time to time, such as when taking birth control pills or those who are in the menopausal stage. These trigger the male hormone in the scalp to be awakened and hair follicles become smaller which leads to hair loss. If this seems to be the problem, you can have another check up and tell your physician so he could fix the problem.  



Anemia is another medical condition which affects our skin and leads to hair loss. Iron deficiency anemia is the most usual type of this condition and though it causes hair loss, there is nothing to worry about since it can be treated simply by giving your body iron supplements in order to cope up with your body needs.



It is another medical condition which results to a hair loss condition. This happens when this gland in our neck is unable to produce enough hormones that is essential for metabolism and growth. Maintenance may be given by a physician to help you manage your thyroid problem. Once the levels go back to normal, so will your hair growth.


Alopecia Areata

Women’s baldness is also called alopecia areata and this condition doesn’t necessarily require any treatment. Usually, hair grows back naturally after a year; therefore, being patient is one remedy to be counted on. Alopecia areata is believed to be caused by our immune system and corticosteroid is a kind of hormone which suppresses our immune system to prevent more damage to the hair follicles. Corticosteroids may be injected or applied topically.


Psychological problems

Ever saw a mentally ill girl eating her hair off on TV dramas? Well, “trichotillomania”–  this is true in some cases. Mostly caused by depression, this results in a mental breakdown and causes one to be irrational. They tend to prick their hair and eat it, leaving shorter strands of hair in your head, resulting to hair loss. It’s not actually hair loss that looks bald on areas, but thinning of the hair because of the uneven length of its strands.



This treatment works by dividing the cancer cells into millions of pieces but at the same time, it does this too with your hair particles. This is the reason why patients who are undergoing chemotherapy loses their hair and eventually prefer using wigs as hair loss treatment than medications since they are considered as high-risk patients.

What are the available hair loss treatment for women and men in line with these different causes? Can something effective for one be used by another? I guess not. One advice that never gets old, get yourself checked-up first before jumping to different treatments.


Be sure to suffice your vitamin needs

Deficiency in certain types of vitamins sometimes causes your hair loss condition. Therefore, it is essential to have daily intake of vitamins. Of course, you can always go natural as a remedy. Taking the best vitamins for hair loss by eating nutritious foods could do the trick. When does eating a balanced diet seem wrong? Never, right? Eating greens and fruits and living healthy is one way of keeping your skin beautiful. It may be true that you can’t do anything with age, but you can make a healthy lifestyle and that—that’s what matters most.


People often reject foods which are high in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. They tend to avoid healthy diets but these people are those who always nag about their skin and hair condition. Little do they know that what they avoid are those that could actually heal and treat them.


If you can’t eat the kinds of foods that could help you with your hair loss problem, you can prefer buying supplements. This can be a treatment for hair loss in women and men.


However, some vitamin supplements cannot be bought over the counter and needs prescription from a doctor. These are the vitamins which have high concentrations of compounds. These have higher risk in patients and which side effects may be serious. To know what vitamin supplements would suit you and how to stop hair loss, consult and have a doctor diagnose you.


You can try oral and topical medications

You can give your physician a call to ask if you can take certain kinds of medication to control or stop your hair loss problem. Topical creams like lotions and gels are available as hair loss treatment. Another kind of treatment can be taken orally like Finasteride, which is a tablet you need to take in daily. However, this oral medicine cannot be bought over the counter without any prescription.

One hair loss treatment for women and men that seem to work is a cream that needs to be applied daily—Monoxidil. It can be bought over the counter and seems to be as effective as Finasteride. These two treatments, however, takes time before one can see an improvement in line with their hair loss problem. It usually takes 3-6 months before seeing the difference.

As hair loss treatment for women, taking in birth control pills with the right dosage might save her hormones from jumping up and down. This can be a remedy to have hormone management during the pre-menstrual syndrome. Nevertheless, pregnant women and those who are in the menopausal stage can ask their physicians about what medications they can take to avoid hair loss problems.


Steroid injections

Steroid injections, like the hormone called “corticosteroid,” are considered a hair loss treatment especially to those patients suffering from alopecia areata. Since alopecia areata is an example of an auto-immune disorder, corticosteroid is a hormone which suppresses the immune system and therefore helps it prevent making more damage to the hair follicles.



This kind of hair loss treatment rarely makes a 100-% success rate. Up to now, this is still considered as a trial and error experiment since instead of fixing the hair loss problem, it often worsens your irritated skin and brings you more skin problems. This treatment uses a special solution called diphencyprone which is applied on the scalp.


Wighair loss treatment wig

Using a wig is a convenient, practical, and safe-to-use hair loss treatment for women and men. This treatment is preferred by those who are high-risk patients who experience difficulties in taking in medications and those who have sensitive skin. Wigs can be cheap, fashionable, and convenient. It can also be used anywhere and anytime. With the perfect wig, no one may be able to tell that you are experiencing hair loss problems at all!


Hair transplant

A partial part of your scalp which has a lot of hair is removed and divided into single pieces that will be transferred to the area with no hair. This hair loss treatment for women and men may be the most expensive kind of treatment. It can also take a long time just to finish the operation and is a risky treatment. Best way is to first consult a doctor. You can get second opinion if you feel that you have the need for it since its success and side effects and rely on the surgeon.


Scalp reduction

Another hair loss treatment which eradicates the bald scalp is by scraping it and bringing the active scalp parts closer together by stitching in between. Tissue expansion is sometimes done, but this treatment may not be preferred by many since its procedure is not that pleasing to hear and may cause blood shedding.


Hair cloning

Hair cloning is a hair loss treatment for women and men. This is the newest trend in hair loss treatments. However, further studies and trial is still needed to prove that this treatment can really be successful. Hair cloning is done by getting samples of your hair which will then be injected on the bald scalp. It sounds simple but it requires professionals and a lot of risk, too.
Hair loss treatment can be available anywhere. It can be fixed by the simplest form, taking in vitamins or up to the most complex operations such as scalp reduction and hair growing treatments. The causes are the most important fact to know before asking for treatments. To have the best treatment, have a specialist diagnose you and your condition. If not convinced, observe your day-to-day routine and then have a check-up. You can either do it by the process of elimination of what might have caused it or you can directly tell and have some lab test done by your physician. At the end of the day, we want nothing but treatment and our doctors would also want what’s best for us. Think and have faith! Good luck!


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