Have just been diag with epilepsy need advice?

I have just found out i have epilepsy, i have a 4yr old daughter and am 3mths pg with second child, i live in an upstairs flat i have to climb staairs to get into my flat and then once im through my door there are more steps to get to our floor.

I am really scared of having an episode whist on or climbing these stairs as i have to do this to get in or out, collect the mail answer the door ect.

Would this be classed as a medical condition on a council waiting list?

Thanks for any advice

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  • ReRa!!! March 24, 2009, 4:50 pm

    these are questions to ask your doctor and look in to the epilepsy foundation of america to help and american disablities act. but just from experience don't be afraid of anything, do what you been doing (unless its driving ). dont let this get in your way of living your life. if you live in fear the whole time, you'll miss out on whats right in front of ya!!!!