How can I persuade my fiance to take better care of his type 1 diabetes?

He was diagnosed just over 2 years ago and I swear he's still in denial. He has a terrible fear of needles (thank god for the insulin pump!) and curses diabetes everyday-still. I put in the pump site for him and give him injections when he isn't wearing his pump. The thing is, he tests his blood sugar maybe every MONTH. As an operating room nurse, I see the DEVASTATING effects of diabetes. He is 23 years old. I have no idea how to get to him. His opinion on the matter is "I'm going to die young anyways. I have everything against me." When I try to "counsel" him, he tells me he doesn't want to be lectured. How would you go about making him see how important this is? He's thinking of switching Dr's because his won't write his insulin prescription until he gets his quarterly a1c… which I think is important!! I came here because I was hoping someone who has diabetes could help me out on how to make him take this more seriously.

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  • Go Blue March 31, 2009, 9:16 am

    Show him pictures of people who have had their arms or legs amputated. That will get his attention. Because that's where his diabetes will lead him to. I know it sounds harsh, but diabetes can be controlled.