How Can You Differentiate Between Alcoholism And Alcohol Abuse?

What are signs of your drinking pattern/lifestyle that can distinguish between alcoholism and alcohol abuse? I know that many of the signs must be the same but maybe there are particular cues. I’d prefer not the typical “drinking lecture,” but rather information regarding this topic as I want to be safe and watch myself as I’ve noticed some bad patterns. Thanks.

To answer your query, they’re just different terms but the meaning is the same. If a person is suffering from alcoholism problems, then he has troubles with alcohol abuse. It’s just that alcoholism is the proper term for the problem and alcohol abuse can be seen as more descriptive. For more information about your inquiries, just read the articles that I’ll attach below.

Difference Between Alcoholism And Alcohol Abuse

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Understand If You Have Alcohol Abuse Issues Today

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  • sweet escape January 11, 2009, 11:33 am

    This is how I think you differentiate between alcoholism and alcohol abuse.


    1. Drink more alcohol over a longer period of time than they intend to.

    2. Cannot control how much they drink, even though they recognize that they drink too much.

    3. Spend much of their time getting and drinking alcohol and recovering from its effects.

    4. The alcohol's effects, including intoxication and withdrawal, interfere with their ability to work, study, and meet family obligations.

    5. Continue to drink despite experiencing significant alcohol-related problems.

    6. Have developed a tolerance for alcohol and have to drink more to get the same effects that they used to get.

    7. When drinking stops or u cut down a lot, u experience withdrawal symptoms, or continue to drink in order to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

    ?Alcohol Abuse

    People who don't have at least three of these characteristics, but who have used alcohol for a month or more, even though it has caused them problems, or who have used alcohol when it was hazardous to do so (like while driving a car) would be diagnosed with alcohol abuse. Some people who are alcohol abusers will go on to develop alcohol dependence, but many will not. For example, many college students would meet the criteria for alcohol abuse, but after they pass the college age range and start having a "real life," with all its responsibilities, they stop having drinking-related problems. Nevertheless, all alcohol problems, whether or not they would be considered full-blown alcohol dependence, deserve to be researched and treated.

    This might not be the answer you where looking for but hope this was sort of helpfull.