How can you find out if your type 1 diabetes is from a car accident?/?

about 6 months after I got in a car accident, I went into ketoacidosis and discovered I was type 1 diabetic. But no one in my family has a history of diabetes. I've read many articles about pancreatic damage and diabetes but 3 years later, how can I find out if my accident was the cause?

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  • Pixie March 29, 2009, 11:53 pm

    Usually type one is caused by a virus that attacks your islet cells, but I have read about cases where an accident has caused pancreatic damage that cuases the same symptoms as type one diabetes. Either way the pancreas is not working and the same type of treatment is needed. If you had pancreatic damage, it is possible that it was caused by the car wreck. You will need to talk to your doctor.