How can you tell the difference between Allergies and a Cold?

Understand The Difference Between Allergies And Cold

Understand The Difference Between Allergies And Cold

I have severe allergies but I can’t tell…I have been take my allergy meds and they are not helping. I have also been taking OTC meds like Zyrtec and Claritin. I have also been taking Nyquil/Dayquil and that seems to be doing the trick. How can you tell the difference?

To answer your query, you have colds if your rashes and difficulty breathing are gone after your cold are gone. However, if your skin redness and asthma are still there after your colds have gone, then you might have allergies. It’s better to consult a physician right away if you feel that you’re an allergy sufferer. It’s better to have yourself get checked before it’s too late because your situation can get worsen. For additional information about your condition, I have attached several articles below in the form of links.

Difficulties Between Allergies And Cold

Difference Between Cold & Allergy Symptoms – WebMD
Understand the difference between allergy symptoms and cold. If you understand the reasons why you’re having difficulty breathing and why you have skin discomfort, it will be easier to find remedy to your condition.

How to Tell Whether You Have a Cold or Allergies – Healthline
It might be colds. It might be allergies. Identify your situation right away to get the best treatment for allergies or the best cure for allergies naturally today.

Sniffle Detective: 5 Ways to Tell Colds from Allergies – LiveScience
There’s so much that you can understand through this article such as allergies, differences between cold and allergies, allergies or sinus infection, cold allergy treatment home, allergy cough treatment, and how to treat allergies.

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Get to know if you have cold, flu, or allergies through this video.

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  • Maggie March 12, 2009, 9:13 pm

    Most of the time, colds make you sore, achey, and tired. But allergy meds can make you tired too. And a lot of the symptoms are the same. Allergies can give you sinus problems (sneezing, etc), headaches, a sore throat, a cough and even skin rashes, so it can be hard to tell. But the thing about colds is that they go away. My advice is to wait a week. If it's a cold, it will most likely be gone by then. If your symptoms remain, then you might want to see a doctor and get an allergy med prescription.

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