How do I stop the acne and strange discolerations in my face?

My skin tone is not pale but not dark and I have a tan from the summer right now. I take a shower every day and wash my face reguarly and use Noxema but I still can’t stop the weird discolerations and acne even when I use concealer and these acne products. Any suggestions?
I also have strange bumbs on my arms and legs and I don’t know how to get rid of them but I am going to a dermatologist soon. I do use Clearisil too.
My acne isn’t that bad and it is not red its just strange bumbs here and there.
I don’t wear make-up

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How do I stop the acne and strange discoloration on my face?

There are lots of ways to stop acne and strange discoloration on your face

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  • babygal x February 13, 2009, 9:44 am

    try this routine it helped me a lot!!!

    morning- Wash face with only non perfume soap and water
    apply diluted tea tree oil with a cotton wool bud to the affected areas leave on to dry.
    dont wear make up

    night- wash face with water and non perfume soap
    apply sudo cream onto spots leave on over night

    once a week use a deep pour clensing face mask!!
    eat 5 pieces of fruit a day
    drink pleantly of water
    your skin will be clear in no time!
    keep it up even when spots have gone