How Do You Get Pink Eye From Poop?

Viral conjunctivitis is highly contagious. Most viruses that cause conjunctivitis spread through hand-to-eye contact by hands or objects that are contaminated with the infectious virus. Having contact with infectious tears, eye discharge, fecal matter, or respiratory discharges can contaminate hands…Read More..

Image Of Pink Eye Conjunctivitis
Pink Eye Conjunctivitis

Can You Get A Pink Eye From Sperm?

Theoretically, semen with chlamydia bacteria in it could cause a chlamydia eye infection, or semen with gonorrhea bacteria could cause a gonorrhea eye infection. … A case of “pink eye” (viral, bacterial or allergic conjunctivitis) is far more common and can share similar symptoms…See More..

Watch This Video To Know The Early Symptoms Of Pink Eye

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