How Does Alcohol Abuse Lead To Dependence And Addiction?

To answer your query, people who drink alcohol feel a temporary relief from their anxieties and miseries in life. It’s just that when they wake up, their problems still exist and they have a headache. What’s worse is alcoholics can experience financial and relationship problems. Alcohol abuse happens because alcohol can become addictive to people who are in despair. But don’t be hopeless because alcohol is not a solution and alcoholics know that, it’s just that they don’t feel enough love from the people around them. Below are great write-ups that can give you further enlightenment.

Alcohol Abuse Lead To Dependence And Addiction

Guide to Clinical Preventive Services
A great book about alcohol abuse to download and read, and you can share it too of course.

Alcoholism | Alcohol Dependence |Alcohol Abuse | Alcohol Addiction
Alcohol dependence and alcohol abuse can break hearts. The abuser and his family can be torn about not just emotionally but financially too.

Alcohol Abuse

Don’t Be Dependent And Addicted. Avoid Alcohol Abuse.

Alcohol dependence – Drinkaware
There’s a lot to learn from this write-up with the likes of alcohol addiction symptoms, alcohol addiction test, physical symptoms of alcohol abuse, what is alcohol dependence, causes of alcohol addiction, and effects of alcoholism.

Read these other good write-ups about alcohol abuse from Health Line and Drug Abuse.

Learn about alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence from this wonderful video.

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  • longhead April 5, 2009, 6:41 am

    If you drink to forget problems, just remember when you sober up there always there, if you don't deal with them head on this will lead to alchol addiction and dependacy. And beleive me it's not a road you want to travel my advise is to deal with your problems and have alot of faith and be honest with yourself and the people around you, you will be respected and you will feel alot better about things don't go this route it's not good for you or anybody ( I've been There)