how many bottles of beer is allowed per week for hypertensive diabetic person?

I am hypertensive 130/90 and suffers from diabetes mellitus II 240. Am i allowed to have alcoholic drinks and how many can i take in a week?
is wine better? how much am i allowed to have?

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  • BobSpain January 16, 2009, 4:38 am

    I have read the answers you already have and most seem to offer good advice, however, one thing that none have them have mentioned is how YOU feel…

    I have been a diabetic for 42 years (I'm 62 now) Diabetic treatments have changed over this period and I have had several changes in my treatment. The most important thing for you to remember is that ALL food and drink that contains carbohydrate is to be considered as part of your diet. So if you were to have beer, whether on a daily, weekly or even yearly basis, you should count the carbohydrate it contains as going towards your total carbohydrate intake for that day. Doing this will help avoid the high blood sugar levels that can occur with heavy intake.

    You don't say how old you are, so your 130/90 blood pressure is only high if you are fairly young (If mine was 130/90 I'd be dancing for joy!) Any alcohol can raise blood pressure so you do need to be careful if you have been diagnosed as having high blood pressure. It is possible to lower blood pressure by eating wholegrain foods (and avoiding certain others) and by the use of essential oils, such as ylang-ylang which are used in relaxing massage oils and/or bath oils. They are effective and you should be able to buy these wherever you live (if you have problems, e-mail me and I'll let you know where you can buy them)

    Back to the beer. Most people (doctors included) will tell you to avoid alcohol. It's good advice and you should listen. However, I know that is not always the easiest thing to do and there is a very real human need to feel you are enjoying your life as much as the next (non-diabetic) man.

    Provided you count the carbohydrate content towards your total diet the carbohydrate should not adversely affect your diabetes. The alcohol will raise your blood pressure but if you keep total (and binge!) quantities low it IS possible to keep healthy and still drink. Moderation is the key.

    Personally I am quite happy with alcohol-free beer, which tastes pretty much the same as normal beer, and I don't need alcohol to make me happy. As another answerer suggested you are also popular as you are always sober to drive everybody home.

    I think there is a danger in looking for a 'number per week' total, which would soon become the minimum and eventually get lost in memory. The best person to talk to about this problem is your doctor or diabetic specialist, explain thoroughly why you need to have at least some drink. They are all people, too and they are not (well not ALL) spoilsports who's only wish is to see you miserable. (A little joke here about someone who was told he could live till he was 90 if he didn't drink, smoke, eat fried food, etc., he said 'Who the hell wants to?')

    Enjoy your life, you may find, after a while, that the strong desire for beer becomes less and if you try the ylang-ylang your hypertension may improve.

    Good luck,